Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

December 22, 1969 at 12:40 pm


“The world says, ‘A Baby is being born, a very special Baby.’ I, Saint Joseph say, ‘As He was special to the world, each of you is special to God.’

You are gathered in a home where a family lives in dedication to God, subservient to Him in many ways. You, too, are subservient to God in many ways. I ask you to be obedient to what you know is right, to what you know is good, to what you know is the Will of God.

All over the world children gather to wish Him well on this day, each day leading up to the one designated as His true coming. In the Heavens at this time, God The Father joins all children to celebrate the Birth of His Son. As you desire a gift, He smiles and says, ‘They are joining in the gifts given to Him on that Important Day.’ No gift He received was frowned upon but was accepted by My Son, by your Blessed Mother and Myself, as a gift of love — the important wrapping for any gift.

I will ask each of you to say a prayer for all children who receive no gift on His Day. Pray that the day will come and they will understand why they did not receive a gift. Pray, too, that all those close to you, away from you and in faraway places will accept His Love on this Day.

If you will listen real hard, you will feel the hum of love surrounding the world as most men are celebrating His Birth. All children are loved by God, but all children do not return His Love. I, Saint Joseph, ask you, My sons, My daughters, to teach others through your example how to love.

I, Saint Joseph, bless you in the Name of The Father, My Father, your Father; and in the Name of The Son Who was also My Son; and in the Name of The Holy Ghost Who will enlighten all people some day.”