Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

March 12, 1972


“My children, would it not be a shame to take this child from the world, from your presence, from the privilege of Our Voices, from the privilege of Our Words? Oh, yes, it would, for you see, the way she must walk is different than any man’s in the world. There is no Man of God who could fully understand the position she must take, nor the tightrope she stands upon, nor the path for God alone. She knows this.

And oftentimes, when you are with her, is it not true that you see her mind wander from you? It wanders off to Us, for the loneliness she feels, you cannot help her with; only Us. We stand ready at terrible moments to sustain her. And even when she is gay and happy with you, you find her in a lonesome way. The lonesomeness is always for Us, for no man in the world could sustain her. She walks in the physical way with her eyes wide open to man and his way, but she walks in complete blindness, in complete trust, and in complete love for the Divine Way.

My daughters, as you were with her today, she was partly with you and partly away. I am sure if you looked to the reality of it, you found it this way. And at no time can you be with her in the physical form when you can truly say, ‘She is right there’; except, of course, for the physical form. Her desire is Us; her love is Us; her trust, for The Divine. God has designed it thus. How else could she face mankind? Man becomes ecstatic over the material world. She is allowed to see certain beauties of it, but the real Purpose of her life is to help the Soul unfold.

Many priests, Men of God, will come forward to extinguish her, and in her love for God it will appear to some that it has occurred; but, in reality, they are only absorbed in the world, and in the Realm where she must partake, it is allowed to appear this way.

I hold her deep within My Power where she is safe, and this is where she would desire to remain all her days, for she sees the physical life in a remote way. Her desire to please Me in this home of Mine is far greater than you know, for if she had her way it would bespeak only The Divine. But she has tried hard to give man a human sign. I love her, for you see, she is always hiding her true love for The Divine Three so as to not look wiser, greater than mankind.

I hold her in a Power that no man can know, no man can feel, but I do this to show you she is Mine. Her will, unlike man’s, is Mine to control, for she has truly given it to God and He has taken it. Theologians would fight this; but there is no care here, for it has to be for This Miracle for Me.

I bless you with God’s Power and I say, ‘You are experiencing a Sign from Heaven your way.’ I hold back the tears in the ducts of her eyes. She cries within, ‘Oh, God, stop all lies against me.’ They will mount up in great number, they will multiply. She can only lean on God’s Love through Me, unknown to mankind and unacceptable in the eyes of man. I use her, I love her. She is God’s, She is Mine.

I release the tears, for if I did not they would build up to a point and it would hurt her. I have opened the way, I have given you truth, I have shown you a sign that I love you. I control her body. God controls her will. I will release her back to the normal view, but when I do, keep in mind, the Words, the Facts were from The Divine. So be it for now, My cherished few.”