God The Father

God The Father

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

August 16, 1973 at 3:45 pm


“Men ask for solitude, men ask for patience, men ask for all things to allow their will to do My Holy Will, for I am The King.

This child has known for many, many, many, many, many, many years that she was destined to walk in many tears, shedding them not one by one, but many would come at one time before she could run. This child, with whom you sit, is a Victim Soul, and there is no way that I have allowed her to forget her particular Role. I have said to you, ‘She walks a parallel with a particular Saint, John Vianney. He, too, desired to run away.’

And now I will speak to you of Others Who became so tired along the way, they would whisper only to Me, the degree in which they felt faint. The beloved Saint Catherine of Siena, by which She is known, many times would talk to men and walk away alone. She would say: ‘But, Father of all men, they do not listen as You say they should. They are with sin, they are impure, and the impure thoughts they have do not make them understand what is there that will sustain them in the strength for You, in the way of man.’

And then there was the beloved One. The child calls her ‘the big One’, and I say, ‘Saint Teresa of Avila.’ She used to shout at Me many times and say abruptly: ‘It’s too much. I can’t go on. I do not desire so much work. There are too many Souls risking their way upon my word.’ And I would say to her in, of course, My Way, ‘Teresa, be calm, be alert.’ ‘I am tired of being alert, I am tired of doing what You Will, for You see there is no satisfaction in it. The child needs help and I feel inadequate.’ And then a calmness would come over her, for in her abruptness, she would see the beauty of dignity and she would succumb to My Will totally. This child walks a parallel also with Her.

And then there was the beloved Joan who walked with men all along. She led them and she drove them in different directions. So it is now. If you look, you will see, through even small detection, that the child walks a similar Path, leading men to victory. And now I say, ‘I could go on for hour after hour and give a parallel to Many Saints Who are Here, for this child walks a lonely road, one of aloneness, as They did.’

And now I look to One especially who walked a path of loneliness, but straight — Saint Francis of Assisi. Ah, how this child did suffer in a dramatic way. Men did not understand his action for he suffered much unseen, and always in the reparation to be for the sins of other men. Sometimes he would plead out loud and say, ‘Father, can I bear the pain?’ And I would look into his face and say, ‘Francis, it is for Me.’ And he would say, ‘Ah yes, my Beloved One, this is what sustains the human way, for without You I could not bear the pain.’

And now I take you to another child for the parallel of this Great Miracle, Saint Rita, and I say, ‘She suffered much with a stench when the time to serve Me did come one day.’ And yet, this child cannot bear the stench of evil in any way, and yet she walks with men throwing all the things at her that, if they were to be put into a pile, would have the odor of the stench that Rita walked with one day.

And now I take you to Another One Who walked totally with My Son and I say: ‘Through this child I teach, I preach, I speak. I transmit the Beauty of Purity, the Beauty of how She stood, the parallel of Motherhood, and yes, the strength that had to be shown when, knowing of the sorrow that was to be, She did not stand bold but in tranquility.’

This child, when she becomes angered is far less than the times she shows tranquility or happiness. Is this not so? You say, ‘Yes,’ and those of you who know her well, know that the burden that has been placed upon her is far greater than she shows, for she fears to lay too much burden upon you and yet she sees it grow.

I am The Father of all men. Men cannot believe that I would speak through a mere child, but nonetheless, it is true; and I bless you with the Grace of Heaven, I bless you with Fortitude. I bless you with a Love you cannot know and I bless you with Grace to give you the strength to carry on through this Great Miracle. So be it.”