God The Father

God The Father

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

October 16, 1973 at 11:20 am


“My beloved children, I smile through this child when I say, ‘I have proposed a Great Miracle, created a great theme, and indicated the Purpose of My Will to the whole world through a small child, and I will perpetuate what I have begun so that mankind will learn the privilege it is to be man, and the beauty for each man to have a Soul.’

I have dropped the Seeds of My Wisdom and My Way throughout the world. I have given a Direct Love through a child who is small, delicate, and yet knows that every Word that pours forth through her, every Step she takes, is to gather Souls, teach mankind, and give strength. I come to announce to the world My Love for a Great Saint. You are aware of His Name and the Role He played, for My Son to be able to perform My Will in the way of man.

This Beloved Saint will travel through this child, within her, around her, and emanate from her, throughout the world. I will send her many, many, many, many, many, many, many places; not her will, but Mine. And soon men will begin to recognize, understand, accept, follow, and yes, believe in what My Directives are through her for Him.

The world is in need, and He, in His Protective Way, will give strength as He once did for Me. The world is tolerating weakness. When the world sees the Magnificence of Him, the Purity, the Dignity, the Integrity, the Value in which He now stands, the world of mankind will once again begin to understand My Plan. My Plan now is similar to what My Plan was with Another Son, The Second Part of Me, Whom I sent to the world to open the way for mankind to come Here for All Eternity. Now I send another Son, a Son that fathered Part of Me, to give to the world Grace, Purpose, Hope, Example, in Trust, Obedience, Purity.

Many men who argue the validity of this Great Miracle are foolish men. They have analyzed the performance of It by their own standards. Do they not know My Standards always appear simply and yet radiate Eternity, radiate Divinity, radiate Creativity, radiate only Me?

The world must understand I have chosen a small child, I have chosen a Saint Who was once man, to go through the world, corner after corner, place after place — water, sky and land — to perpetuate My Will, to teach children the way for the Soul, which is My Goal, to return Here.

Many men criticize, evaluate, discriminate how I would determine how to present to the world the means and the manner, the protection, the way, the truth, the wisdom, for all children to learn from, be a part of — the army of Love, Hope, for Souls to come My Way.

My little servant, My little instrument, My little fork, My little spoon, My little link, My little chalice that overflows — ‘the fork’ that I call her is to gather, hang onto and sift; when I use her as a spoon, it is to gather up all things around; when I use her as a link, there is a strength within her that no human man could gain; the chalice is filled to the brim with love for Me, Direction for man. I could go on and on. My little servant bends to My Will every moment of the day. No man knows to the degree I use her, only she.

I bless you with My Love as I hold her in ecstasy. I bless you with My Heart for through It, My little servant extends My Love to you. And I bless you with the Wisdom of Divine Love. So be it.”