Our Heavenly Mother

Our Heavenly Mother

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

June 15, 1974 at 4:50 pm


“I come through this child to the world, through a child who does not escape the Role placed within her, upon her, through her, for God’s Sake; but the weight and the burden of man’s misunderstanding in how she walks, how she talks, how she sees, what she does.

The Power that is forced through her is the Greatest Power in the world, greater than the sea. This little one is the buffer, and in many ways the brunt of God’s Power in the world, for all men to see. She is not totally aware of the puppet that she is, for she fights constantly and steadily to be what she feels men can see. Constantly, Whisperings are in her ear, the Voices of Here, and she tries to dismiss Them, for you see, it is not a human means to accept such Power, and this little one is constantly the recipient of the Power men cannot see.

She tries desperately to please all men, but all men do not feel the gentleness of her way, nor do all men realize that she bears the burden of Souls throughout the world. Her cry to The Father is to have Him choose someone else so she is not the instrument of hurting those she loves. And He says to her: ‘I am The Creator, I am The Chooser, I am The Judge. You must not fight Me.’

This child, this puppet, walks with the Strings of The Divine tied tightly. I, My beloved children in the world, am your Beloved Heavenly Queen. I am her Mother, I am your Mother, and I want you to know that as many times as I have appeared to the world, there has never been a Miracle as Great as The One in which this child walks so blindly, so trustingly, so totally. It is a parallel to the time The Son walked the earth, of which I was a Great Part all the time.

This little one pleads with The Father to not hurt anyone, and He smiles and says, ‘It is only their pride, ego and weakness that they use that is hard on them, not the action which I intend to draw them closer to Me.’

This little one is far braver than men know, and yet men must protect her from the weaknesses of the world. She walks in such total way that men who have Faith in how The Father would work, will see that the protection that must surround her has to be a definite way. The Power that is forced through this child no man can imitate, nor can man truly understand it.

Men say the Messages are repetitive and God says, ‘How else is it better to teach than to keep repeating the same Lesson for the Greatest Purpose in the world?’ The child is a child but bears the Wisdom of a Greater Power, but the childlike manner is so that she can withstand the Ultimate Means, Way, Manner in which she must walk for The Holy Trinity.

I bless the world through this child and I say, ‘I hold her deeply for all man to know His Way.’ So be it.”