God The Father

God The Father

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

June 23, 1974 at 2:30 pm


“The momentum that this child has acquired is far beyond what men know momentum to be. She is not in a critical state in the way of man, but a critical point for this great mound of land. The child will walk away from many things, many children, and they will hear her say: ‘The Father’s Will must be done today. I must go, accomplish what I will, what I can, and I will have to come back when I am ready to face man.’ The momentum is like the speed of light — the child is that far into another site.

This little one with whom you are, is not lost to you nor the world, but you are safer where she is than any place in the world. You are safe in the custody of the Winds of the Power. You are safe in the folds of the garments that touch her. You are safe in what she says, what is done through her. You are the lucky ones. Those who stand on the outside looking in, are truly the sad ones, for they do not see the speed of Light, the rate of Power, nor the motion of action that she generates each moment of the day. She is armed with the Sword of Love for The Heavenly One, Which I Am. She is armed with Gold, a priceless Gem. She is armed with the Truth, the Wisdom of the Heavens, and she will say to all men: ‘I must speed on now. There is another task to be done in the Name of The Father, for all men.’

Men will not understand her. Men will not condone her, but her very presence says to them strength, power, light, love, hope, trust, and a Greater Element of man. This little one, in the momentum she is in, frightens many men, but she will not be slowed down nor will she be stopped by any man. The men in Holy Mother Church would find it difficult to keep up with this little one, for you see, she stands in the Light of the Power of Me. She stands in the Momentum of which I Am.

I bless you and I say: ‘You are children of Mine. I speak in many ways, I speak in many thoughts, many directions, for no man could take Me one way.’ So be it.”