Our Heavenly Mother

Our Heavenly Mother

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

June 6, 1975 at 12:50 am


“My beloved sons, I am your Heavenly Mother. I come to you on this time, at this hour, in this manner, for a purpose. I speak to so few children in the world. It would not be good, for the children could not handle Whom I am. In their littleness, it would excite them beyond humility and they would become prideful in the world.

I come in a Heavenly Way through a gifted, blessed child, but I assure you that the responsibility for such a Mission in the world is beyond man’s reality. This child speaks My Words, pronounces My Title, and oftentimes cries at My Feet to find the strength to fight for this great feat. Men who deny her, question The Father’s Will. Men who try to place obstacles before her, try The Father’s Patience.

The child is physically weak, the child stands totally in Divine Glow. She has accepted The Father’s Will totally, no matter what the payment may be. The sons who stand in the Hierarchy of the Church for Whom I am The Vessel of Truth, must not denounce, but announce this Great Miracle.

I show the child a partial touch of My Beauty and if she truly had her will, she would follow the path of My garment, hide in the folds and leave you. The world is The Father’s Gift. I will have to reject the child’s wish and force her to return to you. Oh, My sons, I love you. The victim does not want to return, the task is too much, the responsibility too great, and the burden is one she will carry to the grave.

I pronounce openly to you on this night, a Name. I want you to give it to the world. I am ‘Our Lady of the Universe’. I am The Lady Who is The Vessel of the Universal Church. So be it.”