Saint Bonaventure

1221 - 1274

Saint Bonaventure

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

September 29, 1975 at 8:15 pm


“My beloved children, I am Saint Bonaventure. Please know that the time in which you walk, you live and you work, there are many, many men in the world who will try to stop what you are about, who will try to eliminate what you stand for.

So many children in the world are wondering, ‘What is it all about?’ Some are too lazy to participate, some are too weak, and some are afraid. Others feel you are trying to, what men would say, dupe other men into believing your way. We Here in the Heavens say: ‘Stand strong, stand firm, stand in dignity and stand in unity. Stand for the purity that must be and stand for The Holy Trinity, for all men to see the Will of The Divine, the Beauty of The Divine, and the necessity it is to follow all God’s Ways, Means.’

I, Saint Bonaventure say: ‘It is easy for men to stray. It is easy for men to walk away. It is easy for men to misinterpret. It is easy for men to translate and come up with the answers they feel are good for them, that will coordinate with their thinking, their lives and their wills.’ So, you see, all things must be told through this Great Miracle to awaken mankind to the Truth of things — the beauty of the privilege to be man, and the course, the path, the means and the manner that all men must walk in, not just be attracted to; all men must follow, not just think about following; and, that all men must use as the direct means to the Goal that The Father intended for the Soul.

A surprise will be forthcoming; a surprise, maybe not as you know a surprise to be, but a surprise nonetheless, for a surprise always means intrigue. I smile when I say this, for I see children upon the earth all thinking different things.

Oh, My children, if you but knew the Beauty of the Heavens and the Love that is for each of you. The Saints say to The Father, ‘Allow it to be different, allow it to be gentle, allow it to be open, allow it to be not so difficult,’ and He says to The Saints, ‘Is it not My Will that children follow My Path?’ and The Saints must say, ‘Yes, Holy One.’ And then The Father says, ‘Is it not My Will to not cause distress?’ and They say, ‘That is so.’ ‘Is it not My Will,’ He again repeats, that I deliver to the world the privilege of the human role, to honor Me and to give Me time, so that the child can become a Saint?’ and of course, The Saints must say, ‘It is that way, oh Divine King.’

So, you see, My children, the questions and the answers are also Here, and We, too, sometimes get a surprise, for The Father will smile and say, ‘A child is on his way Here.’ What a delight Here in the Heavens. The Angels sing, there is happiness all around, and many acts of love are acted upon.

So, My little ones, be assured, you are learning well The Father’s Will, and you are learning to see the Dignity in His Pace of things, in His Spacing of things, in His Time concerning things, in His Willingness to allow men’s wills to accept before He takes action upon them. So many times children say, ‘God, do it now, hurry fast,’ and He says, ‘The time is not right,’ so the child, not hearing His answer, determines many things on his own. The child has been prepared, the one through whom I speak, to allow The Father’s Time to do the action, complete the action for the things to be revealed.

So, as I bless you from the Heavens I do say: ‘Never lose sight of the Goal, for if you do, you could become lost one day. Keep your eyes on the Goal; the sight, Sainthood. Keep your vision clear and be mindful of this — the time you spend listening to Us is sometimes time to repair.’ So be it.”