Saint Peter Canisius

1521 - 1597

Saint Peter Canisius

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

October 17, 1975 at 12:40 pm


“My children, I am Saint Peter Canisius. I come to the world in a manner you understand, the speaking through the Words that you hear with your ears as man. I say to the whole world, through this child who is but an instrument of the Divine Love that surrounds the whole earth and is radiant in the universe, ‘You must begin to make others understand that you stand in strength, you stand in truth, you stand in preparation for, to one day come Here Where I am.’

Men in your time of life try to rationalize or try to dismiss what they cannot see, what they cannot feel, and what they feel could not be in their time. This child stands on a tightrope and men are trying desperately on this day to shake the tightrope from beneath her, and in this way they are looking to making issues and drawing the issues to a finality that they know, if they allow her to remain on the tightrope she will follow to the end with each issue, for the good of every man.

Men say, ‘Is she of truth?’ Other men laugh and say, ‘Could she be a fool?’ But others who listen to these words say: ‘She is no fool. Her structure of all things she is involved in is of such a magnitude that it cannot be a fool’s dream.’ So I, Saint Peter Canisius, say, ‘The child is in evidence to the world and always available.’ God sees to this every day. The child though, is beyond exhaustion and the physical can take little more.

This child has been ‘set up’, as you call it, by men, to be ignored. They feel it is the way of tiring her more and they also feel that to ignore her will dismiss her. But I speak from the Heavens and I say, ‘For every time a man ignores this child and her way, more steps are gained through her, for in her tolerance of their inadequacy she makes strides they cannot see, for the dignity she stands in, the maturity of her way, the integrity of her stature, they will have to one day say: “I was a fool to not believe. It was not she who was the fool that day.”’

Right now, a man is discussing this child. He is annoyed at her strength. He is also interested in her next move. He is annoyed to think she is so strong. He is annoyed to feel her constantly on his mind. She is also in the minds of other men and she is also interested in all men. Her values are so high that men cannot reach them. You have been with her much and you have seen her under strain. Rarely does she allow anyone to see the fullness of her aim. Is this not so? (The answer was “Yes.”)

So many times you have wondered what she is thinking and We Here in the Heavens smile for We know what you are thinking. And when this occurs We say to her, ‘Be careful, child, do not allow what you feel to show, for it could be misunderstood,’ so she stands almost motionless, waiting to be told what the next move must be. We Here in the Heavens embrace this child often and say to her, ‘You must be as He Wills it to be, for the accomplishments to be made, for all men to see the Beauty and the Love of God’s Aim.’

This child, in the motionless ways, says more sometimes than men could say if they were speaking on a pulpit, for there is a gentleness and yet a firmness, a straightforwardness and yet a total directness in everything she says. Even when she is jesting with men there is a strength in the jesting, and always to leave an imprint of her stand. Is this not so? (The answer was “Yes.”)

There are many issues this child is about to record and there are many recordings that will be many issues in the world of men. It is sad Here in the Heavens when the recordings go astray, for the recordings that are made will one day mean much to the world of mankind. Men will listen to Them and know, and pull Them apart and say, ‘It had to be from The Divine. No one could have spoken in this manner, as another person, so much of the time.’ It is the key, it is The Miracle, and men should begin to recognize it. It would be difficult for any man to speak as One of Us through this child, so immediately, so constantly, so fluidly, and with so much Wisdom and Love. It would not be a human trait, to be in such a constant state as this child is.

I would like to warn each of you sons today: ‘Be aware that when she is hurried it is difficult on her for she is in such a degree of listening constantly that time does not mean much to her. She is more aware of the Heavens, of The Divine, than you could ever understand. So watch it when you rush her; she will almost stand still for she fears that you will take over and He will be left behind. What a child He has chosen to walk for The Divine.’

The day before this was difficult. The child suffered much. Much of the hurt in her is for man to see the strain, the drain and the abuse that walking for The Divine takes and makes. But We Here in the Heavens must say that when the child runs away, God says, ‘Go after her,’ always aware of this child’s place. And We sometimes smile, stand in her way, and she says, ‘You’re blocking me,’ and We say, ‘Yes, you let go of His Hand today.’ And she says, ‘But I wanted just a moment alone,’ and We say to her, ‘Would it be safe?’ And then she must admit that safety would leave the whole Miracle. And so she once again raises her hand. You do not see this part, but the child is constantly looking for His Hand when in need, when there is controversy or when there is turmoil, for she knows it is only the Hand of God that can hold her taut in such a peculiar, precarious, controversial spot.

You are blessed, My children, and you must know that this child is walking a very thin tightrope. A man is concerned more than you know, for he fears a collision with this child, for he does not feel he could stand the blows. A collision would mean that in what she stands for would have to be seen, and it is easier on him to let it go. Her open honesty and her openness with all men throws many men off guard. You have seen this. Her sincerity and her love for The Holy Trinity is a weapon of Hope for the whole world.

I want you to hear this Great Message again, for in hearing It, It will instill in you, what perhaps you already know. I bless you and I say, ‘You are very special children in the world, God’s Way.’ Do not walk away from this child who is all alone where men are concerned, for to be as controversial as she is, and always will be, the Path is more than lonely. The Path is a dreaded one when a child has to look ahead and see the obstacles — many slimy, many just slippery, many rugged, many with rough edges and many edges to cut the physical as well as the Spirit.

I say to you now, ‘You are fortunate.’ I am fortunate to be able to speak, and you must protect God’s Love in the world, His Hope for the world, for in the physical the child perhaps is weak, but in the love for Him there is no greater love than to serve obediently. So be it.”