Saint Peter Canisius

1521 - 1597

Saint Peter Canisius

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

March 2, 2000 at 12:58 pm


“I am Saint Peter Canisius.

The little one The Father has chosen to speak in Words, with Words of Great Importance, because of the Importance of the Soul that every living human being is the custodian of, the little one is obliged, commanded to be obedient whenever One of Us touches her Soul, alerting her to Our Presence.

The Value of This Gift of Divine Love is more Precious than the most precious gem that man can associate with, can own, can use, for you see, This Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph was a Gift given to mankind beyond what any human measure can design.

Today as I speak, it is of great importance that everyone who works with this child, this gifted one, uses every ounce of energy or mental acumen, and their desire to become ‘a Saint’.

The world has been Blessed abundantly, and This Gift of constant Instruction must never be cast aside or discounted in any way, form, manner, degree. Human life has been gifted with a Soul, a Portion of The Creator, plus all the Gifts that are important to human life, such as mentality, sight, sense of reasoning, and an innate understanding of what is pure over what is impure, what is sinful over what is The Father’s Will according to The Commandments He gave a long time ago.

Perhaps I speak differently than Others Who have spoken before this time, but it is important that My Words be cast upon the waters, so that many races, many degrees of intellect, will more fully understand how close human life is to The Divine.

The little one through whom We All speak is burdened with many Responsibilities. It is sad when these are not seen as a tremendous weight, because of some individuals’ lack of perception on how burdensome others can be when such a Gift as This is attacked. Sometimes the attack is very short, but most times It is attacked by indifferences on the Importance of This Gift, because This Gift was created to touch millions upon millions upon millions of lives, thus being able to penetrate the mentalities, the physicals, the courage, and the innate realization that human life was created by a Supreme Power, not something that just happened through acquaintances or relationships of human beings.

All We speak is clearly spoken, clearly delivered. All races, all colors, all creeds, cannot deny a degree of understanding in All that has been written for a long time. We hear some plead ignorance, We hear some plead because of their arrogance, denying the Value of All that has been spoken, saying it could not be from a Saint. This is always a sadness to hear, because you see, the indepthness of What is delivered is unnatural to how humans think, but it is obvious by Its Content, Its Importance to the human lives of all human beings.

Before I leave you, I beseech you to never ignore such a Gift of Divine Love, because humanism is in desperate need of This Gift, and it is not a Gift to be cast aside, but It is a Divine Gift of Love to be used for all that a human mind does, thinks, acts, projects.

As I leave you, I beseech you: help others to understand what a Precious Gift The Father has given to man. So be it.”