Saint John Chrysostom

344 - 407

Saint John Chrysostom

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

April 13, 2000 at 1:07 pm


“I am Saint John Chrysostom.

In This Gift of Divine Love, bearing the Name of The Beloved Saint Joseph, All of The Saints Here in the Heavens treasure Our Participation in giving Words of clarification on many subjects that human beings, men, women and children, have oftentimes in the past, not realized the full meaning, not attempted to realize the full meaning of so many important Stories, bearing sound Facts regarding the Lives of so many individuals who became Great Saints.

Sainthood is available to every human being. It is rarely spoken about in these terms, because those who claim to have learned theology and have shown an interest in spreading what they have learned, have not fully discussed the Importance of human life, its relationship to The Creator, and the Goal that awaits the Souls of every human being born as man.

Each time The Father requests One of Us to speak, it is a privilege beyond what can be described in human words, because as Saints We understand, because We experienced the Beauty, the Purpose, the Divine Love that We lived with in each moment of every bit of human time. We call it ‘human time’, because you see, in the human way mankind works in time, with time, applying different degrees of time to certain actions in a daily way of life. Here in the Heavens time is consistently the same. There is no clock, and there is no special hour of any given day, because as human beings live in different parts of the world, man lives by the clock, but We are available every moment of every day.

The world has been Blessed by This Gift of Divine Love, because in It, It explains through It, It shows that human life has been gifted with a Particular Goal.

Remember this as you awaken to your next day, because in each day so much can be offered for the benefit of one’s Soul, always with the Soul in mind in everything that is done, that is spoken, because it affects the lives of everyone an individual meets, lives with, works with, and of course, those who perhaps are just looking at the situations, not knowing the individuals’ names, because each human life has the privilege to be example in many ways, every day. Do not forget this.

As I leave you, I bless you in a way and a manner, hopefully to give you the strength to look at human life, to practice each day in service to The Creator because, do not forget, your Soul is the recipient of everything you do and you say. So be it.”