Saint Agnes

c. 291 - c. 304

Saint Agnes

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

July 21, 2000 at 1:05 pm


“I am Saint Agnes. I will show you what I see, I will tell you what I see, I will describe what I see.

A child sits in despair, because in his daily life there is no love or care. There are always commands of what he must do, what is expected of him, but there is no love there. In the confusion he responds, saying to The Father: ‘Help me, Dear God, for I am not loved. I have no way of learning what love is to be. I want to know because it pleases Thee.’

Others who are present, walking in and out, do not see the harm they are doing, but creating more doubt because their lack of interest in this little one deepens the sadness he feels.

Now say to yourself: ‘I know there is a Heavenly Being. I know it is God Who created me. Do I ignore Him like others who are ignoring this child, or do I respond personally to His Presence every once in awhile? I feel something tugging at me to pay attention. I know It’s my Soul, because the tugging is close, I can feel it physically. It has to be my Soul, because of a definite Love I feel in this tug.’

As I leave you today, I pray that you will remember the Souls who pass by your way. Many are forgotten, many are never recognized. Make it your duty to greet them with a prayer; easy to say, just call on The Father to guide them, to help them in His Divine Way. So be it.”