God The Father

God The Father

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

July 28, 2000 at 1:06 pm


“I am your Heavenly Father.

This Gift I have given to the world must be seen for the Value It is to the Souls, but also to the minds, talents, abilities, conscience of all men, women and children.

A Gift of This Dimension is to awaken what is inside a human being to be able to better see that human life has many qualities, many abilities, and definitely a Goal.

We hear some say, ‘I know I am not acting the way I should, because sometimes my anger overpowers me and does harm to those I love.’ You must remember anger is but a trait of personality, or something that triggers within the mind dislike, disrespect, that oftentimes is not acceptable because it is based on one’s own self-opinion, self-justice.

I have given to the whole world a Gift Greater than any time since I created human life, because in This Gift I have allowed so Many Saints to speak, thus encouraging those who read My Words to know that human life, as I created it, has a Goal, a Purpose, and that also it is to be carried on through one’s Soul.

So many times criticism is to correct another individual’s manner of doing things, but it also many times becomes abusive and hurts in many ways the integrity of the other individual, the hope, and the need to be accepted rather than be criticized.

I could speak hours on the Beauty in which, for which human life was created, and all that I instilled into this creation to make human life bear Gifts in so many ways, giving to human life more interests, more values, more enthusiasm, and also, the need to understand that human life has a Purpose, and that is to one day return to Me, his or her Soul.

The Soul is That Portion of human life that gives Balance to so many things, gives Hope, but also gives Purpose.

As I close My Words today, I beseech those who read Them to find in Them My Love, My Hope, My Will, My Caring, and yes, My Sincere Love for the Soul that I placed at the moment of conception, so that you would be a Part of Me like no other living matter or thing. So be it.”