Saint Catherine Laboure

1806 - 1876

Saint Catherine Laboure
Saint Catherine of Siena
Our Heavenly Mother

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

December 19, 2000 at 12:58 pm


“I am Saint Catherine Laboure. I am Saint Catherine of Siena. I am your Heavenly Mother, or you should say ‘Our Heavenly Mother’.

The Father has given to the world a Gift Greater than the human mind can conceive, a Gift with so much Love for children of all ages, all backgrounds, all degrees of intellect, to more fully understand what a privilege it is to be born as man.

The little one The Father chose to receive thousands of Words, thousands of Messages for the whole world to better understand what a true privilege human life is to man. It is important that each human being fully understand that as a creation called ‘human life’, a Portion of The Creator is instilled to give to this life a fuller, greater understanding of a Divine Source, Divine Love, a Divine Goal.

We oftentimes hear the little one through whom We speak say that it brings her sadness that everyone cannot hear What We have instructed her, have allowed her to hear. She hears with the Ears of her Soul.

This Statement, of course, might be questioned by some who can only connect hearing to the ear, but the Soul of every human being is in constant close contact, connection to The Divine. That is why it is so sad when an impurity occurs; the Soul is the victim.

Though this Statement may be difficult to understand in the human form, way, understanding It is not truly necessary, because all that a human being has, has been gifted with, openly says there is a Higher Being in Existence, and of course, in control of All there is.

The world has been Blessed so many times, and This Gift that bears the Name of The Beloved Holy Spirit, called ‘Saint Joseph’ by man, is a Gift beyond what human nature can perceive in Its Greatness, Its Purity, Its Divine Love.

It is important that All that has been delivered be spread to all the lands throughout the world. It would be sad for some human beings not to be able to know about This Gift of Divine Love, or be able to read What has been spoken so lovingly, so caring, so direct.

The little one was chosen at birth. It is important that through The Father’s Love for human life, He chose one who walks the human path to speak His Words, so others would understand what a privilege it is to be a human being.

The Soul in each human being is the Connecting Link between human life and The Creator of human life. Each human being has a Portion of The Creator, and there is much to be taught on this at a later time, but those who put These Words into script, and those who will read Them, it is important that you try to understand that human life is an Important Part of Divine Plan, so Important because it has a Portion of The Creator placed within it at the moment of conception.

So Many Saints Here in the Heavens partake in This Gift of The Father’s Love. When He beckons One to speak, the delight is impossible to describe, because the Soul, being so close to The Creator, partakes in the Love that The Creator has for the Souls of all living human beings.

Today, though it may not be an important day historically, for some reason or another each day is important, because it gives each human being the privilege to learn more about how close each one is through his or her Soul, with Divine Love. So be it.”