Saint Margaret Mary

1647 - 1690

Saint Margaret Mary
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Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

June 13, 2002 at 1:03 pm


There are Six of Them. They’re All smiling.

“The world is in great need of This Gift of Divine Love. To convince human life of all ages, all backgrounds, is difficult at this time, because they say: ‘I do not see The Saints, I do not hear Their voices. How do I know the Words are Truth? Would not a Saint approach me personally if He or She wanted to direct me for good?’

This, of course, in many ways, is a natural thought, but not a practical idea. One voice is heard, a voice is used. The Words that pour forth are directed by One Voice that cannot be heard. Much ‘Preparation’ is involved in a Gift of This Type of Divine Love, Divine Hope, Divine Purpose.

The manner in which This Gift of The Father’s Love has been delivered and is being delivered, is practical in so many ways, because even the little one who repeats the Words hears no sounds. The Words are implanted into her mentality, and she repeats only the Words as They pass through her, within her, because if It was coming through the mentality there would be many mistakes. This way there are no mistakes, because the silence is a far greater manner, through the Instilling of the Words that have more of a tendency to be understood and to be repeated immediately, momentarily, and in Their true sense of meaning.

Many Saints stand with Me Here at this time, All feeling that this explanation gives more understanding to how The Divine fully understands the human mind and its capabilities.

We All smile at this little one as she repeats Our Words. Her seriousness, her dedication and her concerns are far different, far greater than others could ever understand. The Responsibilities she bears is because of The Father’s Will to instruct on the Importance of human life according to Divine Plan.

I will close These Words, because They are so differently delivered, but Someone will speak at a later time. The length of time from now to then is not scheduled as you know timing to be. Each of Us Who have been with this child for so long, want you to remember that All that has been delivered is not just a Gift of Love, but is Divine in gender.”