Saint Anthony of Padua

1195 - 1231

Saint Anthony of Padua

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

August 16, 2002 at 12:51 pm


“I am Saint Anthony of Padua.

What is the first thought you feel when you awaken after a night’s sleep? Is the thought first that you should say a prayer in thanksgiving, or is the first thought that you must hurry and get ready for what you are to undertake that day? Do you think of the Importance of life? Do you think of excuses for not doing certain things? Are you kind to others if they are present, and does your presence encourage them to look at the day with happiness?

The Father, in the Design of human life, made a very important step, giving to human life the ability to do so many things: to speak, but first be able to think, and then to be able to exercise one’s own abilities through the day.

There are so many ways to fulfill one’s time during the day. There are so many responsibilities in so many areas wherein human beings gather. They do not see the importance of their association or how they affect others’ lives by what they do, what they say, what they think openly. Sometimes little consideration of anyone’s presence is obvious.

In the Creation of human life, there were many Gifts instilled: the mentality to be able to accomplish important issues to make life more advantageous in certain fields; then, there is a side of the human way in their personal association with others they come in contact with. Example here is very important. How one talks to another person is very important, because sometimes much help is accomplished to someone an individual doesn’t even know, but what they did, what they said, gave strength to the other one, hope, and an accomplishment in energy that would not have been. Every human being is faced every day with different factions, factors of life.

I speak on this subject because of the importance of it. The Father has Blessed human life in many ways: the ability to think and to be able to discern right over wrong, the ability to do so many things, inconceivable in the early times of the creation of human life; but today, it is as though He opened the Heavens with so much for human beings to understand, to learn about, and to partake in, hoping that they would associate all these Gifts with Him, and the Soul that He gave at the moment of conception, because the Soul, as a Portion of Him, is presently available and conscious of all that the individual partakes in.

We hear some say: ‘I have never seen my Soul. How do I know I have a Soul?’ Now, logic speaks loudly here. Logic should tell a human being that with all the Gifts of human life that nothing else has, would this not make it logical that a human life is Special to The Creator, and logically has a Portion of Him for the human beings to be able to learn about so many things, see the logic in so many things, and be able to choose right over wrong?

Needless to say, I could speak endlessly on this subject because it is important, The Father’s Love for this Creation of His. Always remember, that along with all the Gifts instilled into human life, He put a Portion of Himself, called ‘the Soul’; and also, logic says to even the smallest mind that The Father would want the Soul returned to Him in the Purity, the Love, It was first instilled.

As I close These Words today, I beseech those who put Them into script and deliver Them to others to read, that they are Blessed with the ability and the love to thank The Father for the Gift of life, and the Goal open and ready for them to reach.”