Our Heavenly Father

Our Heavenly Father

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

August 30, 2003 at 11:15 am


“This little one I have chosen for such a Major Task uses every ounce of energy to comply with My Will, My Wishes and My Divine Love. I have Blessed the world through one small voice. Some might ask how could I say ‘the world’; ‘The instrument You use is only in one place.’ The Words I use and Who I Am, have and has the Power to spread in a degree, way, condition, not understandable to human life, but as I Am Who I Am, I have More Power to do many things not understandable to man, to the human mentality of man, to the human values that human life depends upon, to the degree I Declare it to be.

I speak often through this little one. To many, it is understood to be her ideas, her manner of conversation, or how she would see things. This, of course, is how I want it to be. Each day has many questionable decisions that come up in different manners of ways, but I assist her, I direct her, because of the importance of the Words that are to be spoken, to be understood in how I Will Them to be understood.

She listens for Me but she does not hear a sound. I transmit All I Will her to know, to feel, and to share with others. I do this without one second, moment, that it could be physically heard, because I instill in her in a silent degree and manner, a form of Communication that bears an indepthness inconceivable to what would be called ‘necessary to be done’ to the mentalities of human life.

Many times the burden of this Responsibility bears a weight greater than any human mind can perceive it to be, due to the fact that her relationship with Me is based on obedience to My Will and What I Desire to use her to fulfill certain situations, conditions and communications that are accepted as normal in the way of man.

My Presence within her and through her is never seen, but there is a weight in the burden of repeating or accepting My Will, because I have chosen this little one to be in some ways, in many ways, a spokesman for Me.

Thousands of individuals reading These Words will not be able to handle the in-depth meaning, but it is How I Will My Communication to occur between this small human body for Me. Thousands of Words could be delivered daily, but it would be too much for human mentalities to be able to handle, due to the fact that each human being has their own interpretation of what most words make them think and feel. Interpretation would always be based on their degree of understanding wording that would satisfy how they would recognize, evaluate, or understand what they mean.

I will close My time now because the little one is close to collapse, because of the Power I have to use in this small body for so much to be spoken to help others more fully understand what a gifted Treasure human life is to man.”