God The Father

God The Father

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

September 5, 2003 at 12:00 pm


“Human justice, judgments, are based on what an individual is capable of understanding, or is in the process of learning. Justice is not always the concern, because the subject matter is oftentimes of a different nature or way that the individual is not fully associated with. The natures of human beings have much to do regarding how an individual understands judgments regarding morals and immorality.

Children are not being advised on how important their mentalities are to their Souls, because the Soul is the recipient of all an individual speaks, thinks, does or practices.

The word ‘Soul’ to many of all ages, is merely a word that defines what they have heard is Something within them, unseen, but defined to be ‘a Portion of The Creator of All Things’, which logically, in fact, should never be questioned, due to the fact that The Creator of human life would only use things to give strength, understanding, hope and usefulness to human mentality as it lives each day, exposed to a multiple number, degree of occurrences that involve their personal decisions, and the decisions of others who live as human beings.

I know What I have spoken will be different for some to read, but it is important for the human minds of all ages, to awaken to the fact that in the Creation of human life, all facets of abilities were taken into consideration, thus giving to human life knowledge, responsibilities, and goals for many facets of human behavior, to fully understand that human life was and is gifted by Divine Plan.

There is so much more to be spoken on this subject, not just to alert those who live at this time to the importance of the human mind and practices available to them, but those who will come in the future, more fully understanding that the human design and Goal of human life includes a Portion of The Creator. It is called ‘the Soul’. Also, as the Soul is more than It is seen to be, felt to be, understood to be, it is important that It be thought about as being a Reality in human life, of Great Importance to human life, and the Goal for which human life was created.”