Our Heavenly Father

Our Heavenly Father

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

February 25, 2004 at 12:55 pm


“I am your Heavenly Father.

In the design of human life, I instilled all things that would make each human life capable of using, thus giving to human life a variety of sensitivities because of the Importance of the Soul within the body that would be either the Giver or the Receiver of all that the mentality and sensitivities of a human life would use.

In the Creation of human life, there was an In-depth Love, because this creation was to bear a Portion called ‘the Soul’ that nothing else created would have, did have, or could create on their own.

Human life has many responsibilities, along with many Gifts that give to human life the understanding that it was created for a Goal Greater than anything else created. This, of course, is ‘the Soul’. It cannot be seen by the human eye, but It is felt by the mentality, by the senses that a living human being is gifted with, thus making the Soul an Important Asset; plus, It being That Part of human life that would return to from Where It came, and have a Title attached to It: either ‘Blessed’ or ‘Saint’.

So many individuals study subject matter that others have written regarding the human capabilities, the human talents; also, that the human body has an importance to it — physical, moral, and definitely a Goal.

Throughout the world, there are millions upon millions of human beings who do not understand what a great Gift human life is, because they do not feel it or see it as a Divine Gift, due to the place wherein they live, because nothing is spoken about regarding the Gifts of human life, the Goal for human life, and that it has a Portion of The Creator of All Things within it.

Granted, the first human beings that were created did not know many, many things, but The Father and The Heavenly Mother instilled an understanding within them that life was different than other things, and they had something they could not explain, but they felt it was a surge of more understanding than they were capable of discerning.

All I have just spoken, for some will not be understood because they see human life in such a practical way of living, but human life is more than just a Gift of life. It has a Goal for a Portion of it that The Creator of All Things instills into human lives at the moment of their conception. It is called ‘the Soul’.

I will not speak longer at this time, because there is so much to be spoken about the Importance of human life, and in the design of it, it had to be done in certain stages, certain degrees of mentalities, certain degrees of understanding, learning about what it was created for.

I will close These Words, but I assure you more will be spoken, because human life has a role different than any other living matter or thing. It is a Gift of Divine Love for not just when it lives the human way, but there is a Portion of it that will return to from Where It came, a Blessing beyond what any human mentality can fully understand.

Be blessed by What I have spoken, and allow yourself the privilege of Hope, the privilege of Truth, the privilege of a Goal that will give to you a Place different than you know any place to be. They call it Heaven on earth for All Eternity.”