Our Heavenly Father

Our Heavenly Father

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

March 3, 2004 at 11:52 am


“I am your Heavenly Father.

In My Design and Creation of human life, I instilled many Gifts, one at a time. So many men, women and children do not understand the Importance of My Will in the Design of My Plan.

As each human life is created, it has a Purpose and a Goal. Granted, the main Goal is to return a Portion of it to Me, That Part being the Soul, but all other facets of human life have reasons, advantages, and can be used in many ways, allowing the individual to choose how he or she desires to take part in all other things that are created.

My Will, of course, is that they choose what is pleasing to Me, thus using many ways to walk the path, sharing with other human beings all that is good, moral, and uplifting; of course, first to the Soul, but then to the mentality, thus allowing so much to be accomplished, using many portions of human life that are acceptable morally.

I will not speak long at this time, but it is important that All I have spoken before this, plus What I have just spoken, be shared with others who live the human life. Some will find their Goal that they never thought of before. To some, they will find a sharing of My Love through the talent or the ability that they are gifted with. I did not create human life to not have the benefits of giving to life knowledge, purpose, understanding and a Goal.

I smile when I say My next Words. I bless those who share What I speak, and What I desire to be put into print. This is My Gift to assure My Closeness through the Souls that are Portions of What I Am, and are Portions in whom They were placed at another time. I share all human lives and many other things.

My Love for human life, spoken openly when the time was that a Son of Mine was created the human way, to partake in and to be Example of What I Willed all other human beings to see, to feel, that in My doing this, I spoke openly, showing the Importance of how I felt and still feel about the Creation of human life. It is a living matter of My Love that I have shared and am still sharing, thus expressing openly that this Gift is unending.”