Our Heavenly Father

Our Heavenly Father

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

March 22, 2004 at 12:51 pm


“I am your Heavenly Father.

I have come today to speak Words that may be difficult for some to understand, and many who read the Words will not understand, because once a Degree of Fact necessary for certain individuals to react to, to respond to, and to carry out, their intentions dwindle and their actions almost stop.

What I have just said will be difficult for some to even read, and wonder why I would speak These Words, when there is so much understanding regarding My Existence and What I Will human lives to participate in, or to think about, or to practice mentally, morally, physically, spiritually.

You live in a time wherein there are thousands and thousands and thousands of human beings, but you rarely, if ever, think that every human being is the custodian of a Soul, a Portion of Who I Am, What I Am.

The Souls cry out to Me many times, ‘Heavenly Father, help Me please, because the one who walks with Me is sinful in so many ways, and is diabolical in conscience, but no one sees it this way.’

I have given to the world many Gifts: time that I walked the earth with men, and many women followed the way. It was for a Purpose. It was to instruct the Foundation for the day in which you live, to always bear in mind that I am always present, and in the Creation of human life, I even placed a Portion of Myself to give strength, capability, and a rational intention based on logic, that human life was and is created for a Goal.

When some hear that the Goal is for the Soul, they somehow or other lose interest in how they will act, because to them, they cannot see the Soul, they cannot feel the Soul. All they know is the physical and the mental abilities they have.

So many times, total logic is dismissed, because they do not want to see the importance of all there is. They want only to accept or receive what they feel is the Goal, Higher than they even know a Goal to be, and that is to return to Me their Soul, a Portion of them that I created, for them to return to Me, a Saint, so they would always be a Part of Where I Am, and of course, Who I Am.

The world is a Gift of My Divine Love. All the Gifts of human life are to give human beings various degrees of intellect, of understanding, of reality, and of the beauty of being able to accomplish what nothing else created can, even down to writing their name, or using color to make something outstanding. The Gifts are endless to aid human life, giving them the basics of not just one thing to look forward to, but many things, to give them the strength to sense that there is a Goal for them to reach, Greater than what they are involved in, in the human way.

What I have spoken, to some, will not register as indepthly as It should, but My Creation of human life was My Love for it, because in My Love for human life, I wanted to share so many Gifts I had, I have, that will give happiness, joy, contentment, security, and a Goal Greater than It is conceivable to understand.

When you share a diamond or something favorite that you have, you find joy in it, but you also find that you develop a closeness that you did not have before. It gives happiness, strength, but would it not be a very lonely world without other people of all dimensions of life?

My next Words to some may not be understandable, but in My Creation of All I have created, I feel and felt an In-depth Sensitivity to share the Beauty of Divine Love, and how indepthly It can give to lives of human beings, more understanding of Who I Am, What I Am, and that in My Creation of human life, it gave Me joy beyond what you feel when a child is born, and the child grows and the child has a chance to become ‘a Saint’.

I have not spoken All I Willed to speak at this time. I have put It in a very brief form, but I assure you, My Love for human life is Greater than any human being can perceive It to be, because I created it for a Goal, and that Goal was to return to Me and be called ‘a Saint’.”