Our Heavenly Father

Our Heavenly Father

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

July 27, 2004 at 12:35 pm


“I am your Heavenly Father.

As you approach each new day in your life, you have learned to understand and to cooperate with all that would be normal to practice, and to give to your life a degree of learning, a degree of understanding, and a degree of purpose, that without the human structure you would not have this ability.

Today as I speak, I speak in a rather formal manner, because so much has been delivered and put into print regarding the Importance of human life and the Purpose for the Creation of it from the beginning, from the inception of when it was designed, for what it was to partake in at a later time.

Human beings have been endowed with specific understandings of the purpose for which human life stands for, and every portion of it that has a reason for it being part of the human body: the eyes, the eyelids, the arms, the hands, the body that is the upper part, the portion of the legs giving the legs strength, and the legs giving the body strength, and of course, that portion of the leg that you walk on called ‘the foot’.

There are so many portions of the design of human life that are overlooked for the purpose, the reasonability that they were presented in a workable manner, degree, and reason.

Human life to some individuals is taken so much for granted, that much is ignored in what human life is capable of doing.

Now, let us take the head that is separated by a neck from the body, and yet the mentality in a human life is a great source of learning, and is capable of giving so much energy to the way of human life.

What human life has been gifted with is rarely seen for the greatness it is, the importance it is, but also, that all things given to human life were given to be able to be used in the proper manner of course, and for the proper reason of course.

Every facet of human life was created to be able to give to human life experience, abilities, and a deep understanding that human life was different than all other things created because it has a mentality, thus giving to it the ability to rationalize, to understand important situations, values, conditions, reasons.

Repetitiveness, when one speaks about the human way of living can never be ignored, because all parts of human life, in some way there is a repetitiveness to give strength and to aid in the physical, the mental, and never forget, the moral.

Now, as I go on to speak, it is important to understand and to help others understand, that human life is a Gift of Divine Love, thus laying the cornerstone, so to speak, of the Life to come, a Life in a different way, but a Life dedicated to service — morally, mentally, psychologically, physically, because so many Gifts were not just given, but they were to be used to give to the Soul of human life the Importance that the Soul was created for.

The Soul is not seen, so the Soul is the recipient of all facets of human life, but the Soul is That Portion of The Creator of All Things, and that Soul is the Portion that is to return to from Where It came. The Place is called ‘Heaven’.

I know that These Words are different than They are usually spoken, but They are Words that are being delivered to several individuals who have been with This Gift of Divine Love for a long time. Much has been spoken, much has been instructed because of the Divine Love that wants all who understand the Beauty, the Purpose of human life, will share It wherever they can.

As I close These Words, I say through a small one who delivers Them, ‘Bless you for your time, and bless you from The Divine.’