Many Saints

Many Saints

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

June 29, 2005 at 12:00 pm


“There are Many of Us present, too numerous to mention Our Names. The list would be beyond what you would understand, for so Many of Us to gather at one time to help you who put the Words into print and to help those who will read the Words, and with the Help of The Creator, follow Them.

In the Creation of human life, nothing was left out that would give to the one created a Purpose for life, and living the way you do each day, and you have chores to do, you also have the privilege and responsibilities to Who created you.

You did not just happen. You did not just occur. You were created in a manner and way designed by The Divine, and you know it is a privilege to be a human being, for the Purpose it was designed was to help you one day become ‘a Saint’ and be with The Creator for All, All Time.

The Words spoken may not be familiar to you, but I assure you They are said with much Love, because in the Creation of human life, it was designed by The Divine to be able to one day never be out of His Sight; so, as you cross yourself on this night, do not forget, each time you do this, The Father sees a Light. Just as you see a light you turn on, your communication is a Light, beyond what you understand it to be, but never forget, every word you address is immediately heard and seen.”