Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

October 10, 1969


“My beloved daughters, the child was not alone when she greeted you at the door. I, The Beloved Saint Joseph, was also there with a Blessing as you entered. Not a usual thing for you to encounter when visiting another, but in this instance, One of Truth, One of Fact, One of Love.

Our Lady says: ‘My daughters, now that you have come to The Miracle of Joseph, I offer you My Love in a personal way. I am asking you also to say daily your act of love to Me, by holding in your hands the Beads of My Way. These prayers, My daughters, are necessary for many things. First, your devotion to them will give you a strength to perform for Me and in My Way. Secondly, they will cause you to concentrate on Me, and cause you to direct your thoughts to the necessity of prayer.’

So few children spend much time in prayer. Remember, too, that prayer, small sacrifices, and acts of love to your Father in the Heavens, will help you grow in His Way, and will help others who do not have the ability to control their way. All men you meet, say to them a word that will show them you are of Faith, and you are of love. Your example, your courage, will be a strength to those you love, in a desperate time of need.

When you walk by the edifice built in Honor of your Father, make entrance, kneel before Him, and discuss all things with Him. He will counsel you, He will console you, He will enlighten you, He will teach you, He will strengthen you, and He will love you more for the act of love to Him. What parent is not pleased when a child takes the time to talk, to love?

I, Saint Joseph, will become known to all the world soon. It is the Will of God that this be so.

The Beloved Sacred Heart reads all hearts, and expresses His Love for all men with the visual sign of His Beloved Heart.

There is so much to be taught, there is so much to be learned by all children of God. There is so much to be revealed regarding the Truth of the Heavens, the Purpose of life. If you pray more, if you seek God more, if you practice more acts of love to Him and for Him, soon you will be enlightened to the truth. Oh, My daughters, God is not fear, He is Love. Satan is fear.

When the morrow breaks, and you awaken to the day, greet it as the beginning. Do not close your eyes to it. Offer it to God; use your will to do His Will. Tell Him you love Him, tell Our Lady you love Her, and lean on Me. I am there. So be it.”