Saint Not Named

Saint Not Named

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

January 29, 1970 at 1:25 pm


“You are setting the table for a big affair. You are entertaining man. You have planned much and are careful to have all things perfect in the eyes of man. You are checking the final details so that when the guests arrive, you will look calm, attractive, interested, pleasant, amiable, and yes, unusual in the way of man.

When you awoke in the morning, there was another Table being set. You were invited as usual. A small effort on your part, just to dress and to get there and partake in a Feast of Real Love, but that small amount of effort was just too much for you to handle.

Would you not say that man weighs things in the wrong light and does not know the real value of many things? On the morrow, when you awaken, remember the Feast, remember the invitation, remember how little effort will be needed. Will you accept the invitation or pass it by? So be it.”