Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

February 11, 1970 at 12:25 pm


“Every prayer that you say is heard in some way. Never feel that one word to God is dismissed, forgotten or led astray.

I am Saint Joseph and I come in a Power unknown to man, the Power of God. The time has come and God says, ‘Joseph, again I ask You to be among man; the first time, in a physical form; and now, I say to You, My Son, stand before them in My Way, the Way of Divine.’

I am known by many children, sometimes because of favors granted to them by My Intercession. When a child is refused the exact thing or amount that he requests, I offer him an alternative or a substitute, but always in a greater measure than his request.

I come here today in the Name of Jesus, The Son of God, Who was My Son as man. When We lived in the way you live, there were many things that passed between Us, strictly of an earthly nature. We are in understanding of what it is to live as man, how it is to struggle as man, but I say this to you, ‘Don’t limit your Faith in the way of man.’

In this room at this moment, some of the children here have heartache, discord, turmoil, fear, doubt, illness, and I say to you this: ‘Do not use these things in all sadness but put them in a brighter light. Do not try to solve them fully in the way of man. Seek My Help, and when you do this, place yourself under My Mantle, for as you stand here it will be a shield surrounding you: a shield of hope, a shield of courage, a shield of strength, a shield of love.’

I ask each one here to come to Me. I ask each one here to help someone else come to Me. It is the Will of God, not Mine, for I am obedient, as you must be.

Before you leave this home today I will bless each and every one of you. Your Faith, your hope that This is true is beautiful to see, and with this Blessing that I give, I’ll wipe all doubt from thee. So be it.”