God The Father

God The Father

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

April 14, 1970 at 1:25 pm


“I begin this Revelation in The Sign of The Cross. The Cross is evident to man in all things. When the burdens of life become heavy, man says, ‘My cross’. Sometimes he says this in a frivolous way, not realizing the beauty of the words, for My Son did bear a Cross and It remains; but the Cross, in truth, says this to man: The top of the Cross where the Head did lay, says: ‘I give You, God, My Head, and I do obey. My Mind is Yours for all My Thoughts will follow every way.’ I lay My Heart where the Cross does join, and I say, ‘Its significance at this point is to combine My Heart with yours in all ways’; and then I take you to the ends on each side of the Cross where My Hands stand outstretched to gather everyone; and then I take you to the foot of the Cross where My Feet will lead you on the Way to the Heavens, to the Love in the way God commands each man to walk.

Many children foolishly treat the Cross as play, but remember, children, kneel before it and promise that you’ll pray. Do not let other men disturb you or distract you from the way. Do not let other men make you think the Cross is of another day, for it is not, and it was given to remind all men that The Son of God did give His Life and it is time to pray. So be it, for now.”