Our Heavenly Mother

Our Heavenly Mother

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

April 20, 1970 at 3:00 pm


“My daughters, We are neighbors and I say to you each day, ‘My Name is Mary. What is yours?’ What reply will you say? When your name is given I’ll remember it from then on. Each time We pass each other We can nod. Every child who recognizes Me in every way each day, I smile and say, ‘Good morning, child, another day,’ and when the child seeks My Help, I do smile and say, ‘Yes, We’ll work it out in some way.’

A mother’s love I have for you; remember this, My children. Do not let doubt, dismay or hurt cause you to be critical. Relax your love for the Divine Way and remember that everything you do each day can be an act of love to Honor Him, to Honor Me, and The Saints Above.

I come into the room this moment and I say to each one here, ‘Would you walk the next full day for God alone this year?’ Think about this, My little ones, and try it one full day, and when you feel you’re faltering, come to Me and say: ‘I tripped and fell a little. Help me up, my Mother, so I will grow so strong that tomorrow I’ll be better.’ A beautiful way to live, My daughters. Try it one full day. Let criticism, doubts, disturbance, fall away. It will not be easy, for you have not trained yourself this way. In many ways you’ll grow to love it, when you try it one full day. Remember, obedience and love, all kindness in His Way. Remember too, no criticism, no doubt, no fear along the way. So be it.”