Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque

1647 - 1690

Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

May 20, 1970 at 1:00 pm


“I am Saint Margaret Mary. I have spoken often through the blest child, and I say to children of God: ‘Offer your day to the Heart of His Love. Look to It and tell Him all the things that are within. Pray to the Wounds, His suffering of Love. Tell Him your sacrifices are for the Wounds He suffered such intense pain for, and tell Him that with each sacrifice you do, it is to wipe out the Wounds of Love for you.’

Look to His Heart and say to Him this:

‘Let my heart beat with Yours through the life that You give. When a Soul such as mine is weak and disheartened, let the Love of Your Heart help mine be enlightened.’

Look to the Blood that flowed from His Heart. The Blood was of man but the Heart was of God.

Remember, My daughters, to say all the prayers that have been handed down to all children through the years. Teach others the purpose of the Fridays of Love. Teach them the beauty of walking in love. Teach them the things you know that will bring them so close to God from now on. Remind the little ones to love with their hearts and to look to His Heart. It is His Open Sign of Love to them.

So many lessons could be taught by you if you will but allow the time to do all the things needed by man to straighten his thinking, to help him to God, in the Heavens Where he must go. Remember, My children, don’t waste time but go on with your work. It is so necessary for the Souls that you meet to go to God in a hurry.

My Blessing I give you, for I walked as man. Please remember His Heart, remember the Wounds, remember the Love, remember the Fridays important to God.”