The Sacred Heart

The Sacred Heart

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

December 28, 1970 at 2:40 pm


“My son, My daughter, all through your physical life I have revealed Myself to you. You did not always recognize Who I was, What I stood for, or the fullness of My Way. I, to many men, have been seen as a physical heart, a physical being. This is how I wish you to look at Me, with My Heart open to thee. Each day that you arise, look first to Me, with no compromise. Be aware of Where I am in the Realm of Heaven. Many times you have been alerted to The Trinity. I am One of These, The Second One.

As Man, My Life was not an easy way, for I followed The Father’s Will each day. I knew that to be obedient was to be in truth, and to follow through with each thing that He did say. At this time the Father, Who was also My Son, led Me in the physical way. He took care of Me, He guided Me, He taught Me, not questioning what was to be, but accepting each day as it had to be. His Way was not easy and He did not know that the service He was giving to God was One Alone.

Take your life as it is, cherish it, relax in it, and accept it fully for the beauty, as it was once Mine, the physical. I know that This Miracle of My Father, Who was My Son, is different to man than man has ever known before, but Saint Joseph must be seen and must be heard and must be imitated, for His Way was as yours, the marriage way, the fatherly way, and He was governed by a Higher Authority than man. He was obedient to God The Father, as you must be.

Accept the Fruit of the Lamb, accept the shepherd as he is, accept the Man of God, for what he delivers is My Way, My Truth, My Love, My Fruit. When discouragement reveals itself to you, think of Me. When encouragement blossoms forth, let it be for Me, My Way. Let the heartache that you know not be tragedy, but let it glow. Serve well in the way The Father would Will it to be done. Grow in the Way of My Heart, follow the drops of Blood, and as you do, you will enter My Heart, for the dripping is My Love for you.

Never before have you heard Me speak and never did you realize it would be possible for thee, but it is true, it is I Who have come to you today to give you Love, Assurance and the Way. Do not mistake the Words I say or take Them in a frivolous way. Take Them for the Beauty They are, the Truth They are, the Love They are, and accept Them My Way.

I bless you with the Cross I bore and with the Love of The Trinity you must adore. So be it.”