Our Lord

Our Lord

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

January 7, 1971 at 5:10 pm


“Man looks to the Crucifixion as an incident, as an occurrence, as a happening in God’s Way and Will. Man has learned the purpose, the reason this had to be. Man does not see all the reasons, for God holds some back from thee.

I hung on the Cross. I was the Victim, as Man. I come to you today from the Realm Where I am. I bind you with My Love in the circle of My Arms, and I pray you will not leave to stray another way. As you cling to My Arm, do not feel boredom but feel Love, feel Grace, feel Design, feel Purpose, feel Strength, feel Courage, feel Understanding, feel the Warmth of My Love for you.

All men are to be taught how much God truly Loves, and in what way, what path, each man can use to come Above. Do not walk in fear, in turmoil, in doubt, in sadness, but be aware of the Light that is all about.

Man becomes excited, stimulated over new communications he discovers. The greatest communication was discovered a long time ago. This form is prayer. Many men say prayer, perform prayer, act out prayer, not with dignity, but they feel out of necessity. This is sadness Here, for as you desire Warmth and Love, The Father, too, likes to receive it from you.

Do not rush your prayers. Do not hasten to finish them. There is such little time for all men in this way. Take your time, be devout, pray with fervor, and forget what else is all about. Be example of this way, and have evident in your homes a Crucifix that held My Bones. Let it show for all men to see so they will know you truly believe in Me.

A glimpse of Heaven is not yet for thee but It is Reward far beyond what anything that man can see. So rather than fear, be happy to know that for a life well-spent, God will bestow happiness, delight, joy, and a beautiful glow, for you to enjoy after serving below.

Through this child I speak. Through her being I reach you. Her weakness is Mine; I show My Strength to you. Look to the Crucifix, to the meaning it is, to the Power behind it and to the Love that it gives. Hang on to My Arm and do not stray. Remember, My children, I love you each day.”