God The Father

God The Father

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

February 24, 1971 at 10:40 am


“My children, I speak to you now to teach you of truth, to make known to you your Soul Who is a Great Part of you. The Soul you have will one day return to Me, glowing to the degree you caused to be.

When you see a picture of a Divine Being, you often notice a Light in back of Him, around Him, telling you that They are of Supernatural Way. From now on, picture your Soul as a Light glowing from you, and that one day It will stand alone before Me. My children, when I meet your Souls I want Them to be so bright, that if I were human, the Light would blind Me. It is not too much to ask and not too far out of reach for you to attain this degree.

On the path of the physical life you will run into many obstacles, points of decision. Make up your mind now that the decision you make will always have to be the way I Will it, so the Light of your Soul will be greater for Me. I will not demand at the time that you think of Me but I will wait patiently, for it will be through your will, through your love for Me that you will grow in beauty and in dignity.

When you think of Heaven, your thoughts are good, but you sometimes wander off, being distracted by earthly goods. Please, My children, do not let sin or a lack of self-discipline cause you to wander, but be cautious that you do not control the Light of your Soul or limit it to just a small glow.

I will dissect your Soul for you now: A quarter of It will be nourished by your prayer, by your Faith, by your love. A parallel quarter of It will be nourished by your acts that you do, showing others love for Me. Another quarter of It will be how you decide to fight satan. Another quarter will be your distinct example of how you walk, how you live, how you teach Me. Combine all four and I promise you, the Light will shine with such a glow that when the time comes for you to be with Me, you will be in such peace, tranquility, love, that you will ask Me to choose the time quickly.

I love you. What more can I say? So be it for now.”