Our Blessed Mother

Our Blessed Mother

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

April 27, 1971 at 11:05 am


“Picture a water well in My time, with you and I gathering water for Our needs. We pass the time of day and offer each other words of cheer. We speak back and forth about the ones We hold dear. There are many times that problems are discussed and We try to clear the situation with advice, with love, with concern.

So it is in your time now in which you live. The sad part is that so much wrong advice is given. So remember this as you go your way, a tried and fast rule to follow is this: Truth must be faced, must be seen, and it must be said out loud for it to remain in the minds of those whom you care about. Sometimes fear causes blindness to what is truth. Sometimes stubbornness brings reproof. Sometimes a lack of prayer makes things seem different everywhere.

Remember, as you give advice and as you walk each day, to picture the well, and you and I conversing in a little way. Be honest with the advice that you think I would give, and then pass it on to others with whom you live. There are many times that, in caring for a loved one, you see no results of this love, but keep in mind this: All children do not show the marks of love that are deeply imbedded by your works, your sacrifice and your caring.

Do not fret; it solves nothing. Do not shed tears; they clean no area of life except for self, and do not abandon prayer if you feel it is not answered. It is, God’s Way, not yours. Man must learn to concentrate on What The Father’s Will is and what would be best for children in the realm where you live.

Be strong, be staunch, be firm and loving. Keep Me in mind for I am your Beloved Mother. So, as I leave I bless you, My daughters, with Truth, with Faith, with Trust. So be it.”