Our Heavenly Mother

Our Heavenly Mother

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

June 29, 1971 at 11:00 am


“My daughters, I am your Heavenly Mother. I come today to speak openly, honestly, lovingly to you.

There was a time when I was on earth that My main task was to serve God through helping other men. I found that the need was tremendous.

So many daughters tend to make each day just that, a day. Picture yourselves as a tree, the tree of life. Is the top of the tree bearing fruit? Are the arms you have being used to partake in the bearing of the fruit? Are the legs you have staunch, strong for personal things? Is there any chance they could be used to take you to places to bear fruit? The roots of you is God, and He will feed you at a moment’s notice. All He asks is that you make each day worthwhile.

There is much to be done, My children. The world you live in has so much ugliness, so much sin, so much heartache, that you must lend a hand to eliminate, to give hope, to serve where you can. There are many children in sickbeds who should be talked to, who should be laughed with, who should be given a thought of God. Leave a token to remind them. You see, My children, there is a great need for your hands, for your feet, for your love, for your service, for your way, for your life.

As you love the sight of flowers, remember where they came from, remember Who caused them to bloom, remember the artwork involved in each one, the design, the purpose. Sometimes just the scent brings great happiness. The scent of a flower is as a smile from you: love, hope, courage, strength.

Be in tune with what you can give, you can do, you can produce. Be example for others. You will find an inner peace, an inner joy, an inner truth, an inner vocation of love. So many times children remain in one place, waiting for others to stimulate them, motivate them, interest them. Let your lives be the trigger of hope for many others.

I bless you with Truth, with Love, and with a Mother’s Kiss on your forehead. Through this Kiss, I give you Strength from Above. So be it for now.”