Saint Bernadette

1844 - 1879

Saint Bernadette

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

July 27, 1971 at 3:10 pm


“My beloved daughters, the conversation to this time has been Mine. As I lived in the day that mankind ruled out how God would be, how God would work, how God would show His Way, in the time you live the same thing occurs as this child delivers Heaven’s Words.

A prayer that will help each one here to think of God and hold Him dear is such a prayer as this I deliver here:

‘Dear God, help me to accept the trials, the hurts, the envies, the disappointments. Help me to know what is just weakness in other men. Help me to stand for truth. Help me to spread much love to You. Help me to be obedient and practice what I teach others to follow. Help me to receive the Beloved Host with love and with honor. Help me to honor my Heavenly Mother by being obedient to Her Request to say the Holy Rosary. Help me, my God, to dedicate my life to what is best. I love You, give me the strength to pass all tests.’

As I give you this prayer, I know that in some ways it is lengthy, but there is so much said there. So many children mumble a prayer because they feel no meaning there. This prayer I have given you is full of meaning just for you. So be it.”