Our Heavenly Mother

Our Heavenly Mother

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

August 6, 1971 at 12:00 pm


“My daughters, I am your Heavenly Mother. The discussion is heard by Heaven, each word comes Here. It is true that man is trying desperately to eliminate rules. Some men have good intentions. Some men are tools of satan. Some men desire to please only themselves. There is much desecration taking place in the world. There are many sins being done by men who are forcing issues diminishing God’s Way, God’s Love.

Man knows that God is Divine but in some ways man is jealous of God, for God holds the Power of All Things and some men only want power. That is why they are criticizing humility and advocating pride, criticizing All The Saints because The Saints are definite Communications with God.

I, your Heavenly Mother, cry. The tears I shed are for children who are so conscious of what they feel, how man reacts, that they forget what is truth, what is real, and the Purpose of life as man.

There are many children being dragged down to the pits of Hell by selfish men. Satan fears Me, for My Strength, God-given, constantly renounces him, constantly defies him, and constantly beats him down.

There are many children now who must have example for God, for the way of life. There are many men who walk in complete fear of the Power God is. Believe Me, children, God’s Power is Far Greater than the evil one.

Satan is so envious, so jealous of the Beauty of Heaven that he cannot stand to see a child devote any time to God. He is not a jealous lover for he does not know how to love. One of his greatest sadnesses is, he cannot love. Do you see what torture, what agony he feels? He is wicked.

Let Me reveal certain things to you now. This Miracle of My Spouse is a living Miracle of Love. That is what every child feels here, and those who are scolded, if they told the truth, would have to admit it was done with Love. Those who are reprimanded, secretly in their hearts, they know it was truth they heard and Love they felt. It is the Miracle of Trust, it is the Miracle of Love, it is the Miracle of Truth. It stands for all the things that made Saint Joseph a Saint.

His Love for Our Son and Me was One Alone and was One that can be Example for all mankind. It was a Strong Love, a Sincere Love, a Giving Love. It was a Love for God first, and then Us. He emanated truth. He radiated self-discipline and He taught obedience. His Greatest Virtue was that how He was, He was God’s.

My children, the Holy Rosary is the greatest weapon in the world. There is no bomb made by man, allowed by God, that compares to it. There is no science greater than it. There is no man that should be without it.

I bless you with a Mother’s Love and I say, ‘Show courage. Say the Rosary and be in love with your Heavenly Father, as Joseph was and is.’ So be it.”