Our Lord

Our Lord

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

October 21, 1971 at 8:30 pm


“My beloved sons, My beloved daughters, nowhere in your time did you expect to hear My Words Divine, so direct, so complete. I walked the earth one day as you. I was man, and yet within My Being I had the Wisdom of Divine Plan. I knew the day was to be that I would suffer for man. As you, I shut out this thinking, for I could not bear to face the ordeal, and yet I knew that the flesh I would give up, that I would suffer with, was the Greatest Way to show you God’s Love for you.

I say to you now that the Chalice of Sacrifice is overflowing. The Chalice you are used to seeing is small, compact, and in this Chalice are The Divine Three.

As I stood on the earth I stood as you: alone, frightened, and many times when My Body hurt, I wanted to cry out, ‘God, help Me!’ There are many times Here in Heaven when I experience listening to another child, on a bed of illness, in the way of fear, cry out, ‘God, help me!’ You are heard, you are loved at these moments, and also in moments of peace.

My children, no moment of the day goes by that God does not watch over thee. The trials of the human way are given to man for a special way, a special purpose; God’s Plan. It will be through these trials that you will gain God’s Eternal Plan.

Heaven is like nothing you know on earth. Heaven is Love, It is Trust, It is Joy, It is Happiness, It is Peace, It is Tranquility. As you sit with this child, this is what you feel from her, through her. Is this not so? It is Our Love she gives to you, on the moment, at the moment. We designed it to be so.

Right now there are many children of all ages lying ill, asking God or a beloved Saint to help them in some way. The prayers are heard and love returned for Faith the child has in this way.

The time in which you live right now has many problems, many sins. Man is trying to conquer all these things. A wise man will turn to God for comfort, for consolation, for love, yes, and for confirmation.

You see, My children, you live in a time that so many men are trying to forget The Divine, for there are some walking around saying My Name quite loud, but if the truth be known, they are only following a crowd. They do not know what I desire and they do not feel My Love. They are too busy being emotional, and yes, arguing over how I would react if I were standing among them. These are foolish children, for they are not following God’s Way, but they are following their own thoughts or another man’s ideas.

There are many, many self-made leaders who do not know the way to lead. They do not have the capacity to follow. This is sadness, for there is strength in following truth. I followed The Heavenly Father.

Right now, the time in which you live, there is much scandalizing to the little ones. You see, the little ones, if given half a chance, could sift out truth, for, in their innocence, in their love for God, they have a certain amount of wisdom, but there are so many men who are eager to break down this wisdom and implant practical knowledge. There is much sadness in God’s Way because, you see, children are thinking nothing of straying.

The Holy Eucharist, Which I Am, waits for each man each day. Ask yourself on this night, how many excuses you give to not receive The Holy Trinity; and yet, if a friend were to ask you to spend this time with him, you would find very little excuse and you would give in to him. We stand each day on the Altar, in the Chalice, just for you. How many will remember that it is Our Love that makes Us wait for you?

There is a chalice overflowing and God The Father does say: ‘The children must turn to prayer, to accepting truth; it’s got to be this way,’ and through This Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph, Who fathered Me in an earthly way, All Heaven speaks and says, ‘Be sure you learn to pray.’ Man is shouting he wants peace. Oh yes, he does. The peace he wants is on his terms, not Ours.

The Heavenly Mother stands right close to Me. She pleads each day with The Heavenly Three for Souls who cannot see God’s Way. Her Way is that of a Mother, and through Her Love for you, She constantly pleads that We will watch over you. The Love She has for every child is far beyond your knowledge, and I say to you tonight, ‘Place the little ones in Her Care, for as you do, She will always be there.’

The Holy Rosary Heaven holds dear, and each son who is in My Presence now should have it on his person. Hold it close, for it is the greatest protection against the evil one.

Also, My sons, seek help from the beloved Saint Michael, and when you feel danger near, when you feel in fear, say the prayer that He holds dear. His Mightiness is as Great as you have heard it to be. The Sword He carries is the Sword of Love for The Holy Three. It is not a sword as you know a sword to be, for that would not be strength, you see.

You, too, My sons, must carry this sword that He does carry, for when you do and as you do, you will feel strength and you will never tarry. When God says it, a decision has to be made.

Keep in mind, My little ones, The Holy Eucharist, the Holy Rosary prayer, and no matter what any man says, you must hold it dear.

I bless you with The Father’s Love and with the Truth We are. I bless you with The Heart I gave for all mankind, and every Drop of Blood I shed at that horrible time was picked up by the Angels and brought to God, to remain in the Heavens till the end of time; and I bless you with The Holy Ghost, the Light, the Wisdom, the Love, the Truth, that will help you in Faith, for you see, the path you walk is right for you. So be it.”