Our Blessed Mother

Our Blessed Mother

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

November 13, 1971 at 11:17 am


“My beloved sons, My beloved daughters, I come to you today because I love you much. I come to you today to give you a Mother’s Touch. I come to you today to tell you that you must pray the Holy Rosary My Way.

I have appeared in many Visions all over the world, and as I come through This Miracle of Love, This Miracle of Hope, This Miracle of Truth, guided by Divine Way and governed by It, to perpetuate the Name, the Honor of The Beloved Saint Joseph, I come to give My children Direction, firsthand.

There is so much agony in the world, so much distortion of truth. There are so many children running around, seeking something new, and there are so many children thinking they are following God and His Plan, not realizing they are being drawn into satan’s plan.

My children, The Heavenly Father thought of all things to help you. He has given mankind His Hand, and each day He spends on the Altar of Love, extending His Whole Being to you. It is a privilege for you, and so many children ignore this privilege and they say they have better things to do, or they do not have the time, right now, to seek The God Who made each of you.

Man has shouted many years, ‘Please, God, show Yourself to me’; and now, in this day of your time and in your way, He is doing just this. He is teaching from The Divine through a child as you, so you will be able to understand the Words direct. The simplicity that is being set forth from Here, from this Realm of The Divine, is truly Profound in Its Meaning, in Its Depth, in Its Love, and each child in My Presence here must know that as Heaven speaks through this child, Heaven waits on the Altar for each of you.

There is much desecration being done to The Holy Trinity. Man is ignoring the Power of God. Man is trying to relate to God on His Level. This cannot be done, My little ones; it is impossible. Man is weakness, God is Strength. Man is small, God is Great. Man is a creation of God, so man cannot be equal to his Creator.

There are so many areas to be cleared up and so many children to be set straight; and so many, many, many, many prayers to be said to help the Souls Who did not have the chance that you have.

Oh, My children, keep in mind each day The Holy Eucharist, for It is Divine Transfusion with human means; and when The Holy Trinity enters you, in a small way but in the greatest way in the world, the Strength It gives you, the Love It extends to you is far beyond your knowledge.

And I ask each child here to grow in love with the prayer that draws Souls from Purgatory to Here, and that, My little ones, is the Holy Rosary. I ask you, as a Mother, to say the Beads of Truth, the Beads of Hope, the Beads that will help you, and when you say them, know that I listen intently to everything you say. All Heaven is alerted to a child who prays.

There is much Love that comes forward to you today from Heaven Where I am, and I say, ‘Do not dismiss It in your little way, but fondle It so one day It will bring you This Way.’

Right now, in the Realm Where I am, there are Many Saints Who surround Me and say, ‘Dear Mother, help the children so they, too, will come This Way.’

And as I look about Me I see Some Other Saints close by, and I do smile and say, for there is One very close Here Who walked the ‘Little Way’. You know Her as ‘The Little Flower’. We know Her as the wise One, for She used the will that was strong to bring Her Here; and as She picked the flowers along the way, She gathered everyone She could, to lay them at the Feet when She did pray.

And as I look over to the left, I see the Great Saint Francis of Assisi. He smiles and says, ‘Oh Mother, please tell them of sacrifice and penance.’

And now I look slightly back and I see the One Who walked the earth in a louder voice than most, and yet dedicating all Her way to God. You know Her as Saint Teresa of Avila. She has come through This Miracle much because She says, ‘Children, go to Saint Joseph. He will answer your prayers and He will protect you in all ways.’

And now I look over and I see Many Saints, not of your day but farther back: Saint Hilary, Saint Bernard, Saint Athanasius, Saint Augustine, Saint Aloysius, and yes, right there, there are Some you do not know by Name, but They are All gathered Here today to teach each child the way.

And now, as I bless you, little ones, I leave you with a thought: Please, go to The Holy Eucharist and pray the Holy Rosary, and grow so in love with God that nothing else will count. So be it.”