Our Lord

Our Lord

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

January 13, 1972 at 8:05 pm


“My beloved children, as I hung on the Cross for each child here, I was accompanied by two men. Each of these men, The Father held dear. One man was too stubborn to realize that to be humble is a great Gift. He could not bend his will for one moment, for he had grown so self-sufficient and depended solely on man. The story of him, you have heard much; and oftentimes when you did, you would hope that you would not take the same path he did.

The other man, fearful and yet thankful, also very humble, he had taken a wrong turn and he knew that it was his will. Oh, My children, before he was dead to the world, I spoke with him as I speak to you. The Love he felt was direct, for you see, as I speak through this child, it is as then, direct. There is no in-between. I speak in a manner you understand, as I did to him then, on that Hill. Some of you will ignore What was said and some of you will follow through. Remember, My children, whichever direction you take, it will be your will.

This time that was spent on this Hill for you, this Hill of Love, this Hill of Salvation that was so true, will never be spent again, for there is nothing like This in view. There is no need for it for any of you, but This Miracle that has been set forth upon the earth, bearing the Name of The Beloved Man, of The Beloved Saint, Who walked with Me in the human way, is bringing direct to mankind the Words in the same way.

As I looked to the right and I looked to the left, I look at you now from Heaven Where I am. There is no need for Me to come into the room in a physical way for My Power is so Strong, so Great, and I use this child as the instrument. So keep in mind, My little ones, as you leave this dwelling tonight, you have your will to choose wrong or right.

I bless you with the Cross I bore and I do say to you, ‘Make The Sign of The Cross again and again and keep it close to you.’ It is a small prayer for man to say, but the meaning of this prayer is the greatest prayer of your day, for it says to God The Father a greeting of love, for when you say, ‘In the Name of The Father’, you express recognition to Him Who is Above; and when you touch your breast, I hold you close to My Heart, for when you call My Name, I look to see which way your ‘will’ will take you on this day; and as you cross your shoulders left to right, The Holy Ghost gives you Grace, showers Light. So this is not just a prayer or just a few words. This act of recognition says to God, ‘I am Yours.’ So be it.”