Saint Therese
of Lisieux

1873 - 1897

Saint Therese of Lisieux

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

January 18, 1972 at 7:50 pm


“I will explain to you, My children, a small bit of how This Great Miracle is. It is comparable to your Soul. It is within the child I am; for I am the Power, God’s Power, to seep into her being, to be a Part of her being, so I can use the faculty to speak to you.

I walked the earth in the human way and now I am in Heaven to stay. I am ‘The Little Flower’, and as I speak through this child, I smile through her to each of you, and I say, ‘This is truly The Miracle of your day.’ I am as much within her as I am on the outside, and that is why This is such a Personal Miracle in your day.

I want each child here to be a Saint, and if you did not have the desire thus far to be One, leave this dwelling tonight and express the desire to God to become One. It is All Beauty Here. It is All Love, It is All Joy, It is All Happiness, and yes, We are obedient Here as you must be on earth.

It is God’s Will that This Miracle be put forth among mankind, and All Heaven has come forward to react to It, to respond to It, to work in It; and so you, too, must work this way, work together God’s Way; but when you walk, walk around and hold His Hand so you will feel free to discuss with Him, at a moment’s notice, what you will, what you feel like, what you want.

Oh, My children, I, too, walked the earth, and I smile through the child when I say this, because many books have been written of My Way. It is true, I was willful. It is true, many times I would fall, but it is also true that as I walked the earth, I had Sainthood as My Goal and I would not settle for less, for I knew that the day would come and I would die in the physical way, but I also knew that there was a Life ahead; and so you, too, must know of this Great Life ahead. It is not like the physical one at all. It is Special in every way.

So, My children, gather your bouquet. Let each flower that you choose be one of beauty; and a little act, a little flower will come a long way, for The Heavenly Father looks at each flower that you give Him one day, and sometimes, at the very small ones, He will laugh and say, ‘Oh, child, that one was difficult for you that day,’ and you will smile and say, ‘Yes, my God, but I am so happy to be able to hand it to You today.’ And sometimes He will see more pleasure in the little ones you gather, for He will see a beauty in them, a struggle in them, a desire to please Him in them, and sometime you will see the glow so great as He gathers all the little flowers and He takes your hand and says, ‘My child, you are now a Saint.’

I bless you, children, with God’s Love, and I say, ‘Smile, be happy, and be a Saint.’ So be it.”