Our Heavenly Mother

Our Heavenly Mother

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

February 22, 1972 at 7:58 pm


“My children, throughout the world men have made much of My Visions. Throughout the world, I have been seen in special places. Throughout the world, I have opened My Heart to special children so that they could be ‘the instrument’ through which I would work, through which I would speak, through which I would direct what must be. Again I come to the world in a manner as this.

I am your Heavenly Mother, and I come first to say, ‘I love you more than you can know, more than you can accept, more than you can understand.’ Most of you have prayed to Me. Most of you in the room love Me. There is one amongst you who is not sure of Me.

For centuries I have asked man to pray the Beads of Love, and many men have spoken out against these Beads; they say the Beads are not necessary. Not so. These Beads say many things. These Beads give man History. These Beads give man important dates to look upon, to meditate. These Beads tell man My Way. They also tell man of the Crucifixion Day. They also tell man of the Glorious Way. So, would you not say, My children, that these Beads are also for your day?

When a child reaches for the Beads, the Grace comes to the child, and when the child touches the Crucifix, he cannot help but feel a certain love; and when the child begins to pray, he says, ‘I believe.’ This, My children, is acceptance. This, My children, is love; and then, as the child goes through these Beads and the child begins to say the prayer that was given in a special way, he says, ‘Our Father, Who art in Heaven.’ Again the child calls upon The Greatest One, and when the child walks through the Beads, he says, ‘God, give me Faith, Hope, and Charity,’ and then he says in a simple way, ‘Glory be to God.’

Oh, My children, can you not see the love that God has for these Beads? All along, up to this place, you have asked Him for special things and you have told Him of your love, and suddenly, upon these Beads, you begin to think of what they mean. You begin by meditating on a Special Event: the Announcement of Hope for all mankind, the Announcement of Love Divine. Would you not say then, for this small time, you are expressing understanding, love for a Great Gift from The Divine?

As you go through the Beads, you call My Name and you say words over again and again, words I love to hear, simple though they might be. They are words so easy for every child to remember and they say so much to Me, and as you go further along into the Beads, you meditate on many Events.

Now, if you will but walk these Beads each day, you will find strength, not in the chain that connects the beads but in the Grace that comes from saying the Beads. When you return to the Cross, an act We love so much is for your lips to touch the Body on the Cross, showing your love, expressing your feelings. The prayer is loved by Everyone Here.

If I were to allow a Rosary to drop from the Heavens into each child’s hands, for awhile you would exclaim, ‘It came to me from Them.’ Imagine your excitement if this were to be, and yet, all you would have would be a material thing; but when you say the Beads and offer each bead you say for the Souls in Purgatory, you are taking part in releasing Souls to come Here. You exchange a Gift. There’s no comparison, My children.

I walked the earth as you, and I know that you have certain things that bring pleasure to your way, but from this night forward I want each child here to keep in mind that to give God a gift, the greatest gift you can give Him is to release a Soul from Purgatory. Oh, My children, The Angels sing, The Saints rejoice as I take the hand of the Soul and pass Him on to The King. This is what your daily Rosary can be.

I bless you with My Motherly Love and I say, ‘Do not forget the Gift of Love. He loves it done this way.’ So be it.”