Saint Alphonsus Liguori

1696 - 1787

Saint Alphonsus Liguori

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

February 24, 1972 at 7:53 pm


“My children, I am Saint Alphonsus. I know it is unusual to you to hear so readily so Many Saints come to you. I know it is unusual to hear the Words direct from Here, but I promise you the Truth of Them, the Wisdom that They are, and that no man could compare.

I walked the earth in troubled times, but I walked the earth saddened by the love of the human way. I walked the earth, praying desperately the Souls I loved in the physical way would understand the love I had for God in my little way, but few truly understood the pull I had toward the Divine Way. The hurts were many, the sorrows much, and I did have to pray, and I say to you on this night, ‘The obstacles that you have, the sorrows that you know, can be cured, can be helped, if you will but take the time to pray.’ Do not be so busy, so preoccupied with the world that you forget to talk to God, to tell Him what you want, and how you feel about the physical.

Oh, My children, you are not being taught the beauty of the childlike way, the reward of this way; the beauty of obedience to the Ten Commandments that are as much a part of your day as they were Mine in My day. You are not being taught the beauty of Faith, the beauty of Hope, the beauty of Charity. You are not being taught the beauty of Trust in God’s Way. You are being smothered by overindulgence in man’s way, overindulgence in the sensitive parts of the body, overindulgence in many things to please the human eye, the human touch, the human pride. I beg of you on this night to forget these things. I beg of you on this night to ask God to help you rid yourselves of these things. Strip yourselves, My children, of the weaknesses you have, of the weakness you are, and grow so deeply in love with God that you will want to see only the Beatific Vision, of What It is.

Children in the world fear death, because they say, ‘What lies beyond?’ You have been promised Sainthood; you have been promised the Vision so far from what any man knows. Look forward to this Vision; It is One of Such Greatness. Look forward to the Light that God shows, and do not let others play with your Soul, for when you do, satan is the one who grows. Do not be part of him and do not respect him in any way, and do not respond to the foolishness he is, for believe Me, children, he hates you. He cannot love you for he envies you. The pride he has is one alone. He will never be rid of this pride.

I beg of you on this night, keep close to you the Words you have learned, the Meaning that They were, the Magnitude Each One was, and promise yourselves to only see His Light.

I bless you with My priestly way, and keep in mind, My children, that when the Man of God does bless you, it is Christ Himself that bestows the Grace, the Blessing, each time this man does raise his hand in the manner of the Cross. So be it.”