Saint John
the Baptist

c. 1 AD - 28-36 AD

Saint John The Baptist

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

March 8, 1972 at 11:04 am


“My children, My loved ones, God’s Love, I am Saint John The Baptist and I have spoken often through this child. Many children are ignoring the Sacrament that is so important to God and so important to the Soul. If you know someone who is, speak up. Suggest what you know should be done and try very hard to see that it is. At first you will meet opposition; truth does, but bear in mind one thing, that as the physical is arguing with you, the Soul is pleading with you to continue to speak up.

Man so often faces man just as man. The next time you face man, face him looking at the Soul. The Soul is not an imaginary part of man; the Soul is a Very Important Part of man. The Soul must be fed, It must be cared for, It must be nourished. When you leave this home today, I beg of you, My children, remember the Sacrament that cleanses, that gives life, for when you remember this, you will desire to work for God with all your might.

When I walked the land, I was as you, but one day I felt the love of God, as you will do. God now is forming an army of men, and in each hand He is placing a Sword. The Sword is love for Him, and as you leave this home of The Beloved Saint Joseph, you will have the Sword with you, for there are Many Angels and Many Saints present in this home, and each one of you will be given the Sword by One.

I bless you with God’s Love and I say: ‘The wrong thinking that is being done on this Sacrament of such Greatness must be stopped today. Children must be baptized in the proper order, in the proper way, and it must be a Sacrament, not just the whim of a prideful man.’ So be it.”