Our Blessed Mother

Our Blessed Mother

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

March 8, 1972 at 1:28 pm


“My children, I come to you on this day for the second time. I am your Mother, and as all mothers are concerned with their children’s way, their children’s lives, their children’s futures, I am concerned with yours: the work for This Beloved Saint Whom We All love and Whom Our God loves much. This Miracle must show Heaven’s Truth, Heaven’s Perfection, Heaven’s Magnitude, and you must participate in a way, as you have never participated in your physical lives.

Many men will come to This Miracle, showing little Faith. Many men will come to This Miracle, desiring Faith, and many men will come to This Miracle, deep in Faith, but skeptical in how God would work man’s way. Many men will come to This Miracle, eager to learn, eager to be helped, eager to satisfy, eager to serve, eager to be obedient, eager to trust, and they must see the wholesomeness, the sincerity, the love, the joy, the happiness, that walking close to This Miracle gives to you each day.

Many men will be critical of This Miracle. It is not a lack of Faith in some, but a pride in what they feel they have. Man interprets all things differently than God, and man tries to inject human thoughts, human ways, human personality. This cannot be allowed in This Miracle that is marked as ‘The Miracle of Hope’.

The child through whom I speak is a child who must serve endlessly, and in blindness you cannot know. The child serves each day, ready to submit to the Will of God, His Way. It is, in many ways, the redoing of Calvary; of course, man will not be able to see it in this manner, for man looks to the easy way. Man tries to show all things as casual, as natural, and man fears in many ways, justice; in many ways, suffering; in many ways, perseverance in things of this manner.

All Heaven has come forward to perpetuate This Great Miracle. You have heard Many Words, you have seen change in many people. You have desired change in many you love. Keep Faith, My children, and remain in hope, for hope is what you have to cling to. Prayer is what will sustain you.

There are thousands that must come through this home where We will dwell and where His Beloved Name, His Beloved Way will be shown to all men. We will greet each one, We will bless each one, and We will teach each one God’s Way. Children will begin to know that this house, this home, belongs to a Beloved Saint. A statuary of Him stands out, and this is what they will look for, and they will look for the lights to show them the way, the human lights, and once they enter, they will look for the Light of Heaven to show them the Supernatural Way.

There are thousands of children, thousands upon thousands, desiring, beseeching God to show them the Way to Him. You do not know of these children, but they are praying and they are asking God to show them, in some way, through some means, His Truth, His Love, His Desires; and here where you are is His Answer to them.

So, as the Hill of Hope is as the Star of Bethlehem was, this home is the guiding point, the Ray of Light that shines from the Hill of Hope, leading all mankind to God.

I bless you with My Motherly Love and I bless you for the prayers you say to save Souls so They will come God’s Way. So be it.”