Our Lord

Our Lord

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

March 21, 1972 at 8:08 pm


“I have come on this night to speak to you of the Love I have for you. I also want you to know that This Miracle of My Son, Who was My earthly Father, is a Miracle of Wisdom, a Miracle to give you the chance to know Heaven as It truly is, to know Our Love in a personal way. When I walked the earth, I taught The Father’s Wisdom, and since that time no man has been set forth upon the earth, until now, to teach this Wisdom. Of course, My children, this point will be argued as it always is, but nonetheless, it is true. As I taught, The Beloved Saint Joseph will teach, and All Heaven has come forward to participate in This Great Miracle of Hope.

At the moment of conception of the physical way, a Soul is sent from Heaven, a Guardian Angel, a will is implanted, and the Gift of Faith. It is there as a seedling and it is through your will that you develop this seedling. Man is unaware of the many reasonings We use. Man places all things in categories he is familiar with, and I come through this child on this night to say to man, ‘There are some categories you are not aware of.’

When I walked the earth, I walked with men in a natural way. I taught them Divine Way. I showed them the reason for the physical, the need for the physical, and the Purpose it had. Even then the enemy of God was fighting desperately to gain My Way, and to abuse God. And so it is now, in the time in which you live, God’s enemy is all around and he is stressing to man to stand in pride and forget humility; to stand, catering to only the physical needs. He says, ‘Cater to yourself first.’ And there is no mention of a Soul, for he fears if he mentions the Soul, it will trigger man’s Faith, it will trigger man’s mind, it will trigger man’s intelligence, it will trigger something inside to stir the man to think.

Right now, My children, the evil one is grabbing children of all ages. He is making sin look like a great thing. He is making one man sin with the other and passing it off as just a physical thing; but keep in mind that man is allowing the evil one to do this. He is allowing him to use his will, and believe Me, My children, the evil one will readily use your will. And it is Our Will to say, ‘Child, do Our Will with yours.’ The evil one is greedy, he does not love you, he loves no soul in Hell. Once a soul is there, the soul is forgotten by him; there is no more challenge left, so he goes on and on and on.

As I stand Here in the Heavens, I am teaching you a Wisdom; it is not just knowledge. The night I was born to the physical world, a Star shined brightly in the sky, and those who followed this Star were men of wisdom. No man wrote a book for them to read. No man directed their thoughts to the Star. It was The Father Who alerted them to this, and they had the wisdom to accept it. They had the wisdom to see it was beyond man’s way. They had the wisdom to see it had to be Supernatural. And so it is, My children, on this night. This Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph is as a star, giving man life. There are many similarities in This Miracle of His to the time I walked the earth.

The day that men nailed Me to the Cross was a day of sadness; and in Heaven, when it was done, there was a rejoicing that no words can describe, for you see, My Job was done and I could return to Heaven Where I had been, and Heaven was opened for all Souls to come in. Man crucified Me, and I stood in Truth. They mocked Me, for they didn’t know what else to do. Such sadness this was to Me, for I knew the walk on the Hill was for them. My prayer to The Father was, ‘Let it be over soon.’ Keep this in mind, My children, for when you walk in truth men will deny you, and usually, the child who walks in all truth walks alone, for you see, God’s Power and God’s Strength is shown in this way.

As I appear to the child and My Words come through her, My Hand rises to bless you and I say: ‘Walk in truth. The lonely road only lasts a short time in comparison to Life in Eternity.’ So be it.”