Saint Matthew

1st century AD

Saint Matthew

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

April 4, 1972 at 7:30 pm


“My sons, I am Saint Matthew.  As I speak to you, I speak from a Realm you know little of.  You do not know the Great Beauty that is Here, nor do you know all the work that is accomplished Here each day to draw Souls to the Divine Way.  Man has the idea in a human form, that We Saints do not concern Ourselves with man’s way.  Never would God allow you to be alone.  Remember this each day.  His first Great Act in this way is to show you His Great Love for you by allowing Himself to be consumed by you each day.  This in itself should tell you of His Love.  He does not cut the Love off there, for some children cannot understand this Gift of His, and so He allows Us to project help to you each day.

As I speak through this child, I speak in a way of your knowledge, of your understanding.  You walk in a day of different time than when I walked, but the problems of your time are similar in many ways.  As I speak through this child, I speak in a manner in which I spoke; Words I use are for you to understand in your way.  You are exposed to much sin, much weakness, and it is a great Truth in your day that the heresy all around is against God’s Way.

Man is so busy reading books that he does not have the time to pray.  Man must begin to know that prayer is communication with God in a particular way.  My time was a time of learning.  My time became a time of giving.  My time was a time that many new things were occurring, and then too, there was a great need to pray.  Man has the wrong idea of prayer.  Man is somehow misunderstanding a small thought.  Man is beginning to think he must go off into the wilderness and spend hours meditating.  This, in many ways, is a waste of time.

Man must learn that prayer is done in the acts of life.  The small things man does can be a prayer to The Divine.  I speak through this child.  Her obedience to My Way is an act of prayer.  Each act of duty during the day can be made an act of prayer.  The thought must be presented with the act.  Man should be told this manner of prayer.  The daily tasks should be thought of as prayer to God.  The daily work should be presented to God in thanksgiving for the privilege of the performance.

Children of all ages are not being taught prayer.  They must be alerted to all kinds of prayer.  Please, My children, keep this in mind as you go through each day.  Prayer in a wordlike manner is important to God, but many men use this to such a degree that, in many ways, it is a waste of time.  All it does is satisfy man’s laziness.  This must be told to man:  Prayer, when presented to God in the form of acts, must carry the thought to God: ‘God, I offer You this task, for Your Will to be done.’ This is what man must learn to do.

I have not spoken often through this child, but I have spoken some.  She recognizes My approach and My manner.  I leave you now, My sons, with the thought of how to teach man to pray.  It is important, for God wants all men to recognize the beauty of prayer.  I bless you with God’s Love and I say, ‘Keep in mind the beauty of prayer as you go through your day.’  So be it.”