Saint Anne

c. 50 BC - 12 AD

Saint Anne

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

May 2, 1972 at 7:49 pm


“My beloved children, I am Saint Anne. This Miracle has been set forth upon the earth to teach you many things; also, to remind you of the beauty of the human way; also, to show you God’s Love for you and His Generosity in all things.

I, as I walked the earth, was a mother of a Child, a Girl. You know Her in your way and you know Her as The Heavenly Mother. She, too, walked the physical way. She, too, had challenges of that day. She, too, had to stand up in a virtuous way. She, too, had to stand in dignity. She, too, had many, many, many decisions to make.

Do not feel that only you have decisions to make, but have the courage to make the correct decision, to stand by it, and be sure when you make this decision you ask God to help you. So many children forget to ask The Beloved Father to help them make decisions. They are so self-willed, they are so in love with themselves that they omit this one small thing: ‘Please, God, help me make the correct decision.’

As I speak through this child, I want you to remember Me in this way. I want you to remember Me as your Heavenly Grandmother, for that is Who I am. Keep this in mind. Many of you have never thought of Me in that way, but I say to you, ‘As an earthly grandmother loves you, I, your Heavenly Grandmother, do too.’ So be it.”