Our Heavenly Mother

Our Heavenly Mother

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

May 3, 1972 at 11:28 am


“In all the Visions of My Way, I have stood before particular children, requesting of them to pass on the Messages I did say. They were obedient to My Words. The Direction was always given to guide children all over the world so that they would not become lost in the world. Oftentimes, many would argue over the validity of these Visions, and so many men would interpret God’s Way to such a degree that they would eliminate the possibility of It being Divine. They would eliminate the probability of It being Me.

And now, once again, The Father has sent to the world a Great Miracle, this time, to teach individually; this time, to give man the Truth in a personal way, in small groups; this time, to give man a Purpose; this time, to give man, not a challenge but a Goal; this time, to give man Hope; this time, to give man openly, Truth; this time, to give man, in a grand manner, the Purpose of his Soul.

There are many men in the world now who are trying to say this cannot be. There are many saying, ‘Why her?’ There are many saying, ‘God would not work this way.’ And I say to you on this day: ‘This Miracle is Truth. This Miracle has your Soul in mind. This Miracle is to show the world the Beauty of The Beloved Saint Joseph.’

I, your Heavenly Mother, speak. So many children are not learning the truth. They are following the predictions of other men. They are following other men who feel they know The Divine. They are following and misinterpreting the words of other men.

Oh, My children, you are fortunate to receive so personally God’s Love, God’s Truth, God’s Direction, for as you leave today, and those who will receive These Words who are not present, will have Direction now. You know the Purpose of your life. You will gain strength by understanding This Message. Do not be foolish and walk away and not see the Beauty that is in These Words given by Me today.

Men are seeking many areas to find God. Some are looking into the briar patches and while they are here, they will only be caught up in the dilemma that is here.

There are so many men in the world now looking for self-acclaim. Stay away from these men. They cannot help you. They are too busy loving themselves. Some of them have started out with good thoughts but they have become so involved with their thinking that they have been caught up into the web of satan. He is all around, My children. He envies you, he envies God. Stay away from him. He cannot help you.

If you will but keep in mind The Commandments, number of ten, that were given to mankind a long time ago, you will feel good again, for you see, each one of These Commandments have a definite part of your life, and each one of These Commandments must be looked into, the meaning of it, the beauty of it, and when you do this you will feel God’s Love.

Keep in mind, too, My children, that The Holy Eucharist was given to man for giving strength, so how could you not feel God’s Love, the Peace of His Way, when you receive The Holy Trinity in a physical way. And do not let scruples keep you from this Act of Love, from this Gift of Truth, from the Ultimate that God gave to man.

And I, your Mother, ask you on this day to hold close to you the Beads of My Way. When you feel you cannot say the prayers, hold the Beads; hold them dear, for they will give you strength to one day be devoted to This Way.

Oh, My children, there is so much to be learned through This Miracle of Hope, This Miracle of Love, This Miracle that is God’s Gift to the world. I bless you and I say: ‘I, your Heavenly Mother, have come to you today. Keep this in mind when you are tempted to stray.’ So be it.”