Our Blessed Mother

Our Blessed Mother

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

May 10, 1972 at 8:15 pm



Our Blessed Lady is standing on a hill and around Her, like this, is the Holy Rosary. Each bead is a light. Our Lady is in green, and the Crown on Her Head is all emeralds. And the Beads are lighted and the reflection of the emeralds are making the Beads green.

She’s moving out from the oval of Beads and the facets of the emeralds are lighting each bead. Her Face is a radiant peach color. She’s smiling at my description. The Crucifix that is hanging is mother-of-pearl.


“My children, I hand to this child a Vision, a Vision that if you were to see It with the physical eye would blind you. The Beads are all lighted by the prayers being said by children throughout the world. If I were to show this child the Beads in a darkened way, she would burst into tears and sob her heart away; because once these Beads would become darkened, the beauty would diminish from this view.

My children, I, your Beloved Mother, do not want these Beads to darken in any way. I want them continually lighted by you. If these Beads were placed in an obvious place and lighted by the means of your day, certain men would be in charge of keeping these Beads lighted in a physical way.

I requested of the child to bring with her, on this night, the Beads in her hand; and that is why I asked her to stand — to show you how they pick up light and how sad it would be if these Beads turned to black.

My children, these Beads say many things. These Beads say ‘hope’ to the Souls in Purgatory. The prayers on these Beads, when said, are the main means for the Souls to be released from this place, to come Here Where I am.

The time in which you live, many men are trying to destroy the Beads. Satan is working on this. Please, My children, say the Beads each day. And I ask My sons here, to carry the Beads I love on your person, and when temptation arises, clutch the Beads and pray to Me. My Beads are not a thing of the past; My Beads are forever.

Children begin these Beads and they say, ‘I believe in God.’ Think about this and think of the beauty of these words. As you go through, there is much meaning to each prayer you must say.

In a Vision I taught children how to pray, and now I come through this child to you, to teach you the Beads of your day. When you say them, do not rush them and do not mumble them, for you see, I am listening and I love to hear My children pray.

When a child says, ‘Our Father Who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy Name, Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done, here on earth as it is in Heaven’ — these words, My children, are important words. ‘Thy Will be done.’ This line alone shows that you know God’s Will must be done. When a child rushes through these Beads or mumbles these Beads, the child does not realize what he says.

When you leave this dwelling on this night, promise that you will give God a gift. The gift is a simple one, but this gift is an important one to you, but it is more important to God. Tell God that you will give Him time. So few children want to give God time, and yet the area of time in which you live is a busy time. Even when you are active in doing other things, you can be thinking of God, praying to Him and telling Him you desire to serve Him. At work you can pray. At play you can pray. When you are having repast you can pray, and when you lay your head down for respite you can pray. Remember, My children, it is easy to give God time.

The Vision is leaving the child and I will allow her to come back with you. But keep in mind the Prayer, the Beads, the Vision, the Love, the Gift, and yes, My children, always remember the Souls in Purgatory, for one day you, too, may want hope. You, too, may want others to say the Beads of My Way. So be it.”