Saint Margaret Mary

1647 - 1690

Saint Margaret Mary

Revelation Delivered Through

Frances Marie Klug

May 12, 1972 at 7:40 pm



For those of you who are here for the first time, I see with the Eyes of my Soul. I do not see with my physical eyes. I do not hear with my physical ears. It is direct to you. I do not pass on to you the Words that are said to me first, for you see, in that way of communication there is much area for change.

Whenever I see Saint Margaret Mary, I see a Heart very open on Her, and I have questioned Her very often, why She has this open Heart, and She always sweetly smiles: “So you will know Who I am,” for She says She carries The Heart of Jesus with Her at all times; even in Heaven He allows it to be.


“My children, it is true that I bear an open Heart to the child’s vision for you, for I want each child here to better understand The Heart, the Love that God has shown to all men. As It is here, within My breast, It does not bleed and It does not have to face another test. It is just an open Sign of Love. It is an open Sign of Truth. It is to alert you to the motor of your way, to the most important part of you each day.

God says, ‘Do My Will with yours; show your love for Me with your heart,’ and what He means is, that in order to truly pray you must do it with your heart each day. Some children pray off the top of their head for they say it is duty, they say it is a need for them, but when a child prays from the heart and with the heart, much Grace is given to a child at a time like this.

When The Beloved Son walked the path to Calvary, it was a True Love, a Great Love, for He gave His Heart for all men. It was the Ultimate of Suffering, the Ultimate of Giving, for you see, His Love for The Father was the Greatest there could be, so in order to please Him, He gave His Heart in sacrifice for Him, to Him, so that all men would one day see.

I bless you as I stand Here in the Heavens Where I am, and I bless you with The Heart of The Son and I say, ‘Let your heart become one with His, let your will do His Will, and let your way be His.’ So be it.”